Types of Rhinoceros

5 Types of Rhinoceros Species That We Should Know About

Rhinoceros is a strong and large mammal native throughout Africa and Asia. There are 5 main types of rhinoceros, and most of which are...
Animals Affect By Climate Change

Global Warming: 7 Unfortunate Animals Affect By Climate Change

Climate change is a very serious issue that the world has been facing for years. There are many animals affect by climate change apart...
animals with the longest tongues

8 Animals With The Longest Tongues That You Might Not Know

Can you lick your nose? Only the animals with the longest tongues can give you an easy yes to that question. Nature is full...

4 Dangerous Wild Dogs That You Should Stay Away From

The word wild suggests unforeseen danger that we don’t expect to have. As for wild dogs, they are quite far from the term men’s...

10 Most Dangerous Birds That Can Kill You

These dangerous birds are something we need to not mess around with or we will end up severely injured. If you see any bird...
Sumatran Rhino

Extinction Commences As The Last Male Sumatran Rhino In Malaysia Dies

Back in 2008, wildlife experts in Malaysia captured a male Sumatran rhino nicknamed Kretam on a palm oil plantation. Unfortunately he died on 27th...

20 Uniquely Beautiful Albino Animals That You Should See

Being colorful is not the only beauty because these beautiful albino animals here are also unique in their way. With albinism, these animals covered...
Dangerous Insect Swarms

Deadly Teamwork: 7 Dangerous Insect Swarms To Know About

Insects are not so dangerous until they decide to get together in swarms and attack. Insect swarms come in different forms with different purposes,...
birds with crowns

10 Majestically Beautiful Birds With Crowns That You Should See

Some creatures are just born to be beautiful and majestic, and nature has gifted these birds with crowns that bring out the uniqueness. Birds...

Water Deer: The Animal Vampire In The Wild

With both strange name and appearance, water deer is a very fascinating animal in the nature. Native to China and Korea, the water deer...

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