Largest Seals

Elephants of the Marine: 5 Largest Seals In The World

Have you ever wondered how large the largest seals are? I have the same question, so I did some research so that I can...

10+ Cutest Spider Photos That You Should See Part II

More cutest spider photos that you should see is here again! As we all know, spiders are the not the creatures that everyone adores....

Deadly Adventures: 7 Dangerous Animal Chases To Know About

Life is an adventure, but having a deadly encounter by experiencing with dangerous animal chases won’t be pleasant. There are times when you want...

Pre-Historic Life: 13 Biggest Dinosaurs That Ever Lived On Earth

Let’s get back to the past and see what the biggest dinosaurs are. One way to prove the size and weight of these gigantic...
Dangerous Herbivores

8 Dangerous Herbivores That You Should Avoid Messing With

And we thought we would be safe around herbivores, nope. There are many dangerous herbivores out there in the world that can kill us...

Twig Spider: Bendy Arachnid You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

Twig spider is just one of another scary-looking arachnid whose appearance is out of this world. By the look, it makes you go “why...
Weird Eggs

7 Animals With Weird Eggs That You Might Have Never Seen

Eggs are very common things we are all familiar with, but there are weird eggs out there that you don’t know. The mention of...

Symbiosis: 10 Dissimilar Organisms That Live Together

Symbiosis refers to 2 organisms that live together in an intimate association for mutual benefits or more chances of survival. It is like when...

Marine Iguana: Sea Reptile From The Galapagos Islands

Marine iguana is an interesting reptile with many fascinating skills that not many people know about. When in the water, they look like sea...

Multigenerational Family: 12 Eusocial Animals That Live Together

Eusocial animals are the animals that live together with overlapping generations within a colony of adults. In that colony, everyone is cooperative when it...

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7 Most Dangerous Apes / Monkeys That We Should Avoid

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