7 Animals With The Strongest Kicks


It is never a pleasant thing to get kicked by anyone, let alone feel the kicks from animals with the strongest kicks. There have been some unfortunate tourists and residents who experience this kind of nightmare. Some of these animals only kick when they are provoked while others simply kick you out of their way. It is important to be aware of the powerful kicks from these animals so that you can maintain your distance. Below are the animals with the strongest kicks that you should know, so check them out.


Just because these desert-dwellers allow us to ride on them across the hot sand does not they are not dangerous. In fact, camels are one among the animals with the strongest kicks that you should be aware of. Camels usually strike and kick humans when they are annoyed with their super ninja-kicking skills. They can kick in all four directions with all four legs, and even jab sideways if necessary.

Camel’s kick is very swift, and that is why you should never place a bet about slapping their ass. Usually, camels are gentle creatures but the males can be aggressive from time to time. There are times when camels become very angry and aggressive, and an example was in India. The owner of a camel was busy and left his camel out in the heat all day. He later went to release the animal to take it to the shade but was attacked by it instead. The camel picked him up by the neck, chewed his body, and bit his head off.


image: eBirds

Lives in Australia, Cassowary has appeared a few times in our list, especially in the most dangerous birds on earth. One main thing that makes this beautiful and pre-historic looking bird dangerous is its kick. They are actually shy birds that live in deep forests, but their personalities are unpredictable. The thing is Cassowary is very tall, and each of their foot has sharp claws that can go deep into your skin.

On top of that, Cassowary is the only bird that has a reputation for killing humans. This fierce bird species can run very fast and jump as high as 1 meter in the air. As for jumping, they can slice their victims open with a single deft kick with their 12 centimeters sharp claws. Not to mention these birds can kick in a forward and downward direction, if those are not the deadliest kicks I don’t know what are.


Despite the fact that giraffes look funny when they lift up their legs to kick, their kicks are actually very strong. You have no idea how powerful the kicks of a giraffe can be until you see it kills a lion. Yup, that happened. Giraffes have powerful legs with hard and sharp hoofs that can kick in any direction and in many ways. That is why even lions don’t dare to attack a giraffe on their own.

With a proper kick, a giraffe can either kill or decapitate an adult lion leaving it with broken jaws to die of starvation. A giraffe can also kill a human with just one kick, if the kick is in the head. That my friend, is why you should never walk near a giraffe under any circumstances. They kick you both when provoked and when you stand in their way, so stay safe.


image: pexels

Horses are the common animals that usually kick, and kick hard as well. As we all know, horses as big and powerful animals that can kill people in many different ways. Kicking is one of them. Horses are fast, and the horseshoes on their hooves help their kicking to be even more dangerous. Horses usually kick when they are surprised or when you walk in their blind spot which is behind them.

Even horse trainers who have a great experience with horses also died from horse kicks, many trainers. There was this one trainer who got kicked in the chest with both of the horse’s hind feet which killed her instantly. If you wonder why a horse kicks, there are 6 main reasons behind that. That includes when it feels threatened, playful, hurt, frustrated, offended, and dominant.


When it comes to animals with the strongest kicks, kangaroos always come to image. This adorable animal has a long-term reputation for its deadly kicks that can cause severe injuries. The strongest kangaroo of them all is the Red Kangaroo because they have a lightning-fast double kick kind of ability. The kicks from a red kangaroo are strong enough to tear you open from the sternum to the top of your legs.

If you are fortunate enough to avoid the first kick, the kangaroos will only box with you instead. Just so you know, a proper kick from a kangaroo can instantly knock you over. Or even worse, crack or break your bones if you are too close to their legs. It is not just the force of the kick, it is also the spurs on the ends of their toes that rake across your skin. Don’t forget that kangaroos are undomesticated animals with aggressive behavior, always remember to keep your distance from them.

6Secretary Bird

As for this bird, their kicks are only deadly to their prey like snakes and lizards. This type of bird is one of the animals with the strongest kicks because of its stomping skill. A Secretary Bird can strike a snake on a force plate with a precise and powerful kick on the snake’s head. These birds have long legs, and those legs are favorable for them to attack their meal.

Secretary Birds are also among the animals that are immune to snake venom since they feed on venomous snakes. Such quality allows them to kick and kill those snakes with zero fear and worry. Their strategy is to kick and stamp their prey on its head until it is dead or stunned enough to swallow whole. Fast and powerful, no doubts why these birds are also on the list.


Not everyone thinks that zebras can be the animals with the strongest kicks, but they are actually. It is not a surprise to know that zebras are the prey of big cats like lions and cheetahs. However, zebras also have a strong defense mechanism that can scare their predators off sometimes as well. As a matter of fact, zebras are the animals with the strongest kicks compared to other animals in the world.

Zebras kick with their hind legs when they are followed too closely by any type of animal except their kind. They also kick with their front legs as a defensive mechanism when cornered. Zebras have powerful hindquarters that can deliver a kick with force strong enough to break a crocodile’s jaw. Plus, they have known to kill lions with a swift kick to the head which is not different from a giraffe’s kick.

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