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Funeral Flowers: 12 Flowers That Represent Death

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Funeral flowers are flowers that people use to honor or express love for someone who passed away. People bring different flowers to a funeral, but not everyone knows what those flowers actually represent. There are funeral flowers that represent death along with other meanings that you might not know. You will find 13 of them below so let’s take a look and see what they are.


Represents friendship, alstroemeria aka Peruvian lily is a beautiful flower with many incredible meanings. For funerals, it expresses an enduring and everlasting friendship that one holds in their hearts despite death. More than that, these flowers represent the devotion, love, and mutual support that friends have for one another. Pink alstroemeria represents playfulness and romance while the red ones express passion just like roses do. White alstroemeria symbolizes purity, strength, and support, and yellow alstroemeria shows energy and happiness. Depending on the message you want to send, a mixture of all colors also makes a beautiful bouquet.


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With beautiful colors and long-lasting fragrances, carnations are the symbols of many things. First of all, these flowers represent the love that people use to express their love for the family of those who has passed. Pink carnations show remembrances that one has for the deceased while red displays admiration and affection. You can also give white carnations to those who have just experienced the loss of someone very dear to them.


Apart from the symbol of death and mourning, the chrysanthemum has great balance when it comes to meanings. Not all flowers have to mourn for the dead, some flowers are to support the dead’s family members as well. Chrysanthemum is the perfect example with its meaning as an expression of encouragement and support. In some European countries, people only these flowers at funerals or grave sites. However, they symbolize support for the family of the deceased in the United States. As for countries such as China, Japan, and Korea, the white chrysanthemum represents grief and lamentation. Because it also means innocence, love, and rebirth, sometimes people also use red or white chrysanthemums in baby showers.


Derived from the Latin word gladius which means sword, gladiolus has a strong meaning. You can give these flowers of any color to the family or at funerals, representing good things. As a sympathy gift, this flower provides courage and motivations the family members to be happy as the person goes to a better place. Not all funeral flowers out there can express character, integrity, and sincerity like this type. This is why gladiolus is a great flower to show your care and sympathy.


The true meanings of hyacinths are very beautiful, making them one of the common funeral flowers. Purple hyacinth is the symbol of regret and sorrow, and it also means you always pray for the deceased. One unique meaning of hyacinth is that it shows that you understand their pain, and you hope that they will be well soon. Hyacinth is not only a great flower for the ones who passed but also for their loving family members.


The hydrangeas are not quite popular as funeral flowers, but there are people who cherish what they represent. These flowers symbolize beauty, grace, and gratitude, and all colors represent love, harmony, and peace. At the same time, it also expresses the grief for the loss of our loved one that we cannot avoid. You can also use it as a gift to show your heartfelt sincerity and sympathy for those who have passed.


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Lily is a flower with a wide range of meanings that are associated with many things. This beautiful flower blooms in summer, and it is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. The beauty and simplicity of lilies also represent peace and tranquility, making them perfect for funeral services. What you have to know is the color that you choose for the occasion. Oriental lilies represent eternal life which makes them ideal for religious services commemorating the dead. If you want to give flowers to the loved ones of the recently departed, choose stargazer lilies as they symbolize sympathy. As for white lilies are the symbols of purity, and they appear at funerals more often than other colors.


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These are the funeral flowers that offer a great tribute to the deceased from colleagues, family, and friends. It represents appreciation, charisma, and gratitude to those who have passed as a way to say “thank you”. Sometimes it was given as a bouquet while some other times it was given as a wreath with lilies and roses. If you have a deep connection and gratitude to express, lisianthus is the flower that you should choose.


In Central and South American countries, marigold mostly associates with grief and mourning. Along with that, they also represent eternal devotion and sorrow as well as the hope of new life. This is why marigolds are very common and important during Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) in Mexico. The bloom and bright color of the flowers represent the light that guides the spirits who return home for their family.

10Peace Lily

Just like the name suggests, this flower expresses the harmony and peace that you wish for people after death. If you have nothing but peace for those who have passed, peace lily is the flower that you should choose. Along with that, it also represents peace for the person when they reincarnate in their next life. As one of the common funeral flowers, peace lilies also associates with Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary in Christianity.


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When it comes to flowers that represent love, roses say it all. Roses come in different colors, and many people might think that black roses are perfect for funerals. This is true, but not entirely. You can also use class red roses or dark red roses to represent your grief and love toward the deceased. White roses signify innocence and purity while yellow roses express friendship. You can bring either a bouquet of roses or loose roses, and they both represent affection for the person.


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Not different from roses, tulips are one of the flowers that are suitable for a wide array of occasions. The interesting thing about them is that they represent fresh starts and renewals. Tulips are given and sent to funerals to provide encouragement and hope for the new days. No matter what colors you choose, tulips can always be the best symbol to cheer up those who are mourning.

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