Why Giving Freedom To Your Lovers In Good For Your Relationship


First things first, freedom is very important in a relationship. That is why being clingy and all insecure is not a healthy thing to do when you are in love. In the first stage of a relationship, either both sides or one side has the need to talk to each other. They want to text, call, and see each other as much as they can because they are in love. As time goes by, things will change. That is when it hits, when you feel like everything is not the same. To prevent that from happening and to avoid repeating the same mistakes, here are some reasons why freedom should be given.

1They Have A Life

As lovers, we should understand the fact that our partner has a life. They have school, work, friends, family, and other things to deal with, not just the relationship. There are times when they are tired and they want some time for themselves to rest and enjoy things they like. There are times when they want to hang out with their friends and family. If you expect them to spend their free time with you, you are not giving them enough space. You have to understand that the term “free time” is when a person can do what they want or like. If they want to text you, they will. You don’t need to tell them to text or call you, give them the freedom to make their own decision. You probably should take up new hobbies so that you won’t overthink about them.

2They Will Appreciate Your Effort

It is not easy at first to go on a day without talking with your loved one. That is why stepping out of the line from your peace of mind is a big thing to do. As a partner, he/she will appreciate and love you even more for what you do for them. No one is going to be busy forever, and they will surely find time to pay more attention to you. Sometimes it is not easy to balance both relationships and social life, so you have to give them time at first. Once this busy and distant stage is over, both of you will love and understand each other even more.

3They Will Miss You

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, not hearing from you for hours will make them miss you. At the end of the day, both of you will get to have a conversation about how your days went. Texting them every 10 minutes does not give them enough time to miss you. You can begin with a morning text, and let them spend their days doing their things. Maybe hit them up with a couple of messages telling them you miss them just to maintain the sparks, but not too much. Keeping the important stuff to discuss and talk about at night is way better.

Talking with each other too much will make them or both of you get bored of each other very fast. If your lover is loyal to you, the chance of “out of sight, out of mind” will not happen. At the end of the day, a good and healthy relationship is all about agreement and understanding between each other.

4Understand Their Needs

At some point in a relationship, the partner will say that they need more space. The first thing that you must know is to not overreact, overthink, and get offended. Try to talk about it and find out the reason why your lover wants to do so. It is not always because of you, sometimes they are tired or stressed, and they don’t want that to affect you. Sometimes they need some space to settle down their problems, and they prefer to do it alone. They might feel like they need to hang out with their friends or family to maintain their friendship and family ties.

You have to understand those needs and give them the amount of time and space they need. Once you both discussed the reasons and the solutions, things will be less stressful for you. Your partner will feel better knowing that you understand and support them. You will also not feel insecure about your partner when you provide them the space they asked for when reasons are discussed. It is a win-win for both, and things will eventually get better. Good things take time, so open your mind to understand more.

Asking for space and freedom has broken up a lot of relationships, because space and freedom often ended up in distance. One usually has the feeling that they are not important or loved anymore when their lover raised that topic to discuss. The situation always gets a bit strange or hurtful because all of a sudden, why the space? You might feel like you are getting far away from each other; physically and verbally, all at once. The trick is to try to understand. Loving someone is easy, but doing things to maintain a healthy relationship is quite challenging. Always talk and be honest with one another if you want your relationship to work out. Difficult stages are many, but you will overcome all of them when your will and commitment are stronger.

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