Breakup Signs: 8 Things Your Partner Do When They Want A Breakup

Breakup Signs

Relationship is a beautiful thing, until the breakup signs show up one by one. It is important to know how to read the signs so that you won’t question yourself about what you did wrong. Sometimes the sparks are just not there anymore, and that is when the signs appear. There are many signs that you should notice so that you know right away when your lover wants a breakup. Below we have 8 obvious breakup signs that tell you that it’s time to let the relationship go.

1Forget / Ignore Special Occasions

We talk about birthdays, anniversaries, or other days and occasions that mean a lot to you. However, we are not talking about 30 years marriage couples who sometimes forget birthdays or Valentine’s day. We focus on the couple who has been dating for quite some time, and they pay no attention to those days. Remembering special days and occasions brings extra sparks to a relationship. That is because it shows that you care about them. If your lover does not bother to remember or care about days that are special to you, they don’t want to be with you long-term. When you love someone, you want to see them happy. And ignoring or forgetting special occasions is the opposite of happiness of seeing their partner happy.

2Lie / Hide

One of the major keys to keeping a relationship strong is to be honest with each other. If they lie to you or hide things from you, you can tell that something is not right. It is normal to trust each other and tell each other the truth in a relationship. Things will not be the same again once one side starts to lie or hide. Once there is a first time, there will be a second, third, and fourth time. It is one of the breakup signs that you really should see. Some lies are believable, while some other lies are so lame even kids won’t believe them. It is also easy to spot a liar, and no one wants to be with a liar. It is actually good to let go of a relationship where you can’t be honest or can’t trust each other anymore.

3No Family Introduction

It is a universal sign that your relationship will not go forward if they don’t introduce you to their family. We talk about a relationship that lasts longer than a year. When your partner does not introduce you to their family, that means they don’t see a future with you. That is why they don’t want their parents or family members to know that you are together in the first place. It is not only about the family, sometimes they don’t even introduce you to their friends. If only a few people know about your relationship, chances are they want to break up with you sooner or later.

4No Future Discussion

When you are in love with someone, of course, you want to be with them for a long time. It does not have to be a discussion on marriage or engagement. But if your lover never even mentions moving in together, then this relationship is going backward. Sometimes couples bring up random things like having a pet together or the number of kids they want to have. Things like that show a promising future to some extent. In case you bring up future stuff and your lover refuses to discuss and changes the topic, they are not ready.

This sign can be confusing because sometimes there are other things that a person wants to focus on. It does not always mean they want to break up with you, sometimes they are not ready for such responsibilities. That is when you should give them some more time till they are ready.

5No More Romance

When a couple goes past the honeymoon phase, everything is not always pink anymore. That is when you no longer miss each other 24/7 like you used to. Well, because we all have a life and other things to focus on. However, that does not mean you have to distance yourself from each other. A loving couple often holds hands, calls each other sweet names, smiles at each other, check up on each other, etc. If your lover does not even want to hold your hand in public or kiss / hug you goodbye, then you should know.

6No Solutions To An Argument

It is unavoidable for couples to have arguments, and we all know that. The sign that you should see is that your lover always walks away during an argument. They no longer want to find the solutions or want to fix the problems that you have whatsoever. Probably they are tired of fighting or fed up with arguing with you, either way, means they want to leave. A strong relationship needs two people to fight for each other in both good and bad times. If they walk away and let you suffer alone, then they don’t want to be with you.

Note: You might have to consider if you are a troublesome person or not. It is also true that sometimes people tend to argue a lot, either with or without reason. Some people don’t like that, so they leave the argument because they hate it. This sign focuses more on the argument that both of you need to work on but your lover chooses not to fix it. For random reasons like you get angry because of slow replies and stuff, that does not really count.

7Only You Want The Dates

When your partner wants to break up with you, they no longer want to go on dates with you. You will be the only person to ask them to go out to dinner, movies, and hang out at this point. Sometimes they agree to go with you while other times they give excuses that they are busy or not feeling well. When your lover does not want to spend time with you anymore, it is obvious that they no longer want to be with you.

8You Are No Longer Their Priority

This is actually one of the obvious breakup signs that show before a lot of breakups. When you love someone, it is common that you put them first no matter what. If your lover prioritizes other people or other things rather than you, you might need to reconsider your place. It can be things like hanging out, texting, or celebrating special occasions. It is okay to prefer to hang out with their friends sometimes, it is okay if they can balance that. But if they prefer to do things with other people 7 out of 10 times, you are not their priority.

Worst case scenario, they only hang out with you when their friends are busy. That means you are their last choice, and that is bad. The moment you sense that you are not their priority anymore, you probably want to find out why.

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