(Not Even) One Day In Mondulkiri: A Mountainous Province To Visit


Everyone in my family has itchy feet, and we are always up for trips. Yesterday my dad said “Let’s go to Mondulkiri tomorrow and come back in the evening.” Mondulkiri is a mountainous province located about 300 kilometers from Phnom Penh, and the journey takes around 5 hours. We left home at 2AM in the morning, and I literally slept just one hour before my trip. Well, because of Netflix. Leaving early means coming back early, and that is how my parents roll in their one-day trip. By 1PM, we had already visited some of the main attractions in the province, and we were ready to head back home. I just want to share my quick escape during the quarantine, it was nice to get out actually. So here are the 4 places that we’ve been to during our 6 hours in Mondulkiri.


This was our first stop, and also where we had breakfast as soon as we arrived in the province at 7:30AM. Oromis is a quiet and nice place to sit and relax. There is a waterfall that flows around the eating area, and the sound of singing birds in the morning makes it so nice. Oromis is a guest house and restaurant where you can stop for breakfast and lunch before you reach Mondulkiri province. It is a large place which is 5 hectares to be exact, according to the owner of the land.

The special part about Oromis is that they sell home-grown vegetables and fruits at reasonable prices. In case you are a fan of home-grown cabbages or avocados, this is where you should drop by. If you stay the night there, you can spend some time at the boutique, watch tribe performances, and more. You can also buy antique stuff like diamond stones from the souvenir shop as well. It is quiet and nice, and it is perfect for people who don’t like to stay in crowded or loud places.

2Bou Sra Waterfall

Bou Sra waterfall is located about 43 kilometers from Mondulkiri provincial town. There are many beautiful waterfalls in Mondulkiri, and Bou Sra is one of the most famous there in the province. There are 3 stages of the waterfall, and the water is always cold and nice to play in. The first and second stages are the common places to go. The third stage cannot be reached because it is in the thick forest with no walking trails The best month to come to visit the waterfall should be around August. That would be the rainy season, and the water is a lot while the atmosphere is relaxing and cool.

If you come in April, which is the hottest month in Cambodia, like I do, there is not much water to see. Before the city lockdown and all the quarantines, there were a lot of things sold along the way to the waterfall. From food to souvenirs, you name it. This waterfall is very popular with the locals since it is a great bathing and picnic spot. As for now, there is nothing. In fact, the waterfall has just been opened for a visit today due to the lockdown. The place is kind of quiet, and there are only several people who come to visit.

3Doh Kromom Mountain

Our next stop was Doh Kramom Mountain, where you find the sign “I Love Mondulkiri”. Coming to Mondulkiri would be incomplete if you did not take pictures with the sign. The scenery behind the sign is refreshing and relaxing, with all the trees and mountains that you can see. There is a wooden platform and benches where you can just sit and enjoy the view of nature. People said that this hill is Mondulkiri’s best sunset vista, and you should not miss it if you spend a few days there. Up the hill, you will see people selling snacks and drinks that you can buy as you sit and relax. There is also a small temple where you can go to pray as well. We spent only about 15 minutes there because it was close to lunchtime before we headed to our last destination.

4Sea Forest

Located just about 5 kilometers from Doh Kramom Mountain, Sea Forest is my most favorite place in Mondulkiri. This is my second time in this province, and I fall in love with the same place. The view was absolutely breathtaking, and the tranquil atmosphere makes it even more perfect. We had our lunch there as we enjoy the breeze and view of the forests that are as far as the sea. The trees and mountains before our eyes were so extraordinary I felt so alive after days of quarantine.

Nothing is better than sitting on the bench with a cup of hot green tea with such a beautiful view and a reposeful breeze. It probably rained the night before because it was quite cold up there, and that was just the thing I needed. Maybe I will come back next time to explore more when I can spend a few more days in this province. I heard that the scenery is more beautiful and cozy at night as the temperature drops. I really look forward to the day when there is no more quarantine and lockdown, and I can travel solo again.

Surrounded by nature, Mondulkiri has something for everyone. No matter if you travel alone, with family, or with friends, you can always enjoy what this province has to offer. There are many outdoor adventures, animal shelters, trekking adventures, and more. Not to mention the awesome experience with elephants and the tribe people that is absolutely unique and worth exploring. Mondulkiri is absolutely a mesmerizing place to visit.

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