Fun Things To Try In Siem Reap Province


People said I visit Siem Reap way too often, and I always ride a bike to Angkor Wat. Entirely agreed with that, so I set new plans with my friend and her fiance to try new things in Siem Reap this time. Perhaps many of you have tried those activities already, I supposed. For those who haven’t, I am here to share the enjoyable experience that I had in Siem Reap last week. All of them were totally new to me, and I absolutely adored them. You might want to give those activities a try and see if you like them too.


I rarely put my face on my blog, but this is what I look like on a daily basis xD

Archery Price: $5/hour
Bike: Arrangeable upon request
Camping & Solder’s House: $10 – $25 (2 people for the tent and up to 5 people for the house)

If you haven’t tried archery, you really should. It is actually quite challenging with the aiming for the bullseye, especially for a beginner with poor vision like me. I had my archery moment at Royal Archery Club which is about 30 minutes drive from the city. The people there are very welcoming and nice, and the staffs are super friendly there.

The staff will teach you how to handle, use, aim, and shoot the arrow properly before letting you start your own shooting. Besides archery, the place also offers many other services for you as well. Those are the library, camping, special local food, arrow making, and more. Royal Archery Club also offers accommodation with the vibe of soldiers back in the ancient era that you can try. If you stay the night, there are also campfires where you can sit around and barbecue as well. This place is perfect if you want to try a totally different experience in Siem Reap.

The thing that I like the most was the natural atmosphere surrounding the area. It was relaxing and quiet, and you could hear birds chirping throughout the whole place as well. There are also many other temples around that I am sure many of you haven’t visited. That is one of the reasons why you should go and stay there for a day or two. It is always nice to try new things, and Royal Archery Club is the place for you.

2Jeep Ride

The ride was fun though I am not a fan of sunny days because I get tanned easily

Never have I thought of enjoying a ride in a jeep, but damn it was so cool. It was quite nice with the fact that all eyes were on us as we drove by. Could be the car, or could be me 😛 kidding, I knew it was me. You can rent the jeep for the whole day, and the package includes a driver who shows you around the city. It is fun because the experience is totally different from sitting in a regular car. Well, it was hotter and dustier my skin was screaming, but it was so worth it.

There are different packages with various price ranges that you can choose from. Depending on how far you want to go, your driver can take you pretty much everywhere. The best part is taking photos with that vintage baby, you will totally enjoy it too.
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  • Siem Reap is a sunny city, so make sure you wear comfy clothes. That ride doesn’t have air cons, guys.
  • In case your face is allergic to heat or dirt, bring a mask with you.
  • Bring a fan and tissues because there is no window, and it will be hot when you stop the jeep for taking photos.
  • Dress cool because you are going to take tons of pictures with that super cool jeep!

3Visit Theam’s Gallery

You still spend around an hour or over an hour here, depending how long you take photos in each place

Ticket: 10000 Riel ($2.5) for Cambodian
20000 Riel ($5) for foreigners

Perfect for both locals and foreigners, Theam’s gallery is a place of Cambodian cultures, customs, and traditions. The gallery is quite large, and it has a unique and fascinating design along with a lot of items on display. It is also nice for taking pictures as well with all the atmosphere and vibes in the area. I spent about an hour or so there walking around and seeing interesting things. The ticket price is fair, you should go there and see for yourself; I think you will find it nice too.

4Watch The City From Angkor Eye

I think the ride at around 6PM is the best time because the sun is setting and you can see the city at its golden hour

Ticket: 20000 Riel ($5) for Cambodian
40000 Riel ($10) for foreigners

I love Ferris’s wheels, and Angkor Eye is my most favorite of them all. Up there, you can see the whole city and a little bit of Angkor Wat. I take that ride every time I go to Siem Reap because I just love the view so much. The cabin is spacious enough to accommodate 4 people at once, and each ride takes about 15 minutes. There is even air conditioning in each cabin, so don’t worry about sweating or any discomfort ride. If you haven’t tried Angkor Eye yet, next time you should.


5Lunch At BioLAB

The place is really nice, you will totally love it

The unique thing about BioLAB is that it has a combination of different vibes. The place itself is an ancient house with an ancient Khmer design surrounded by a tranquil environment. This coffee shop is located right in front of Srah Srong, so it is also windy and nice there. It is quiet and relaxing which is perfect to rest during a hot afternoon. As a writer myself, I could just sit there and work on my blogs while enjoying the breeze at the same time. The part that I love the most was the food there, I highly recommend the stew you guys. They serve the most delicious stew I have ever had, and everything was at an acceptable price too. Plus with the friendly service, this coffee shop and restaurant is worth visiting.

I only spent 3 days in Siem Reap this time, and the places above are where I went to. Plus with Pub Street, where pubs have become kind of bistros now. I hope you find this article useful if you look for some new things to try in Siem Reap. Stay tuned for more!

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