10 Obvious Reasons That Tell You It Is Time To Break Up

break up

Relationship is beautiful and all, but there are always reasons that you should break up at some point. You will find reasons that you should break up once the spark are gone and things are not the same. Sometimes you hold on to your partner because there is a little something that keeps you there. Sometimes that little something is not really worth it at all, and you will have to go eventually. So let’s see if you have things in common with any of the reasons that you should break up in our list below. Remember, there is plenty of fish in the sea, good ones are there too so don’t you worry.

1All You Do Is Argue

Lately every conversation always turn into argument, and you can’t get to any agreement on anything. Even a simple joke that you used to laugh with each other becomes something offensive that leads to argument. If your relationship sounds like that, then it might be the time to break up. It is like one side or both sides no longer take a step back and explain or listen to one another. When one side disagree, another side plays along which is why the argument always begins. That is not healthy, and you really should break up.

2Everything Your Partner Does Annoys You

All of a sudden, every little thing your partner does seems to always annoy you even if the things are simple. Normally, only bad things that we hate annoy us when our partner does them because we don’t want them to do so. However, if your lover just mining his / her own business doing his / her things as usual and you hate them, move out.

There are two solutions at this point: focus on things you love about them at the first place, or break up. Take your time to question yourself why do you feel so annoyed towards your lover’s actions for no reason? Ask yourself if you still care about that person the way you used to or not. Ask yourself if you see someone better than your current partner. By these 3 questions, you can easily tell if you should stay or go.

3You Are Constantly Checking Out Other People

When you are in a happy relationship and you are happy in that relationship, you have no reason to check out other people. You only do so when you feel that your relationship is falling so that you can look for someone better. If you find yourself seeing other people better than the person you are in a relationship with, things are not going right. It either takes time for you to realize that your partner is still better than the others or you leave. This usually has two results, you move on to a better person or you repeat the same things again.

4You Are Jealous Of Other Relationships

If you feel like all of your friends have better boyfriends / girlfriends and compare your lover to other people, leave. Also, things are also not right if you list down the quality of your partner and get a disappointing result. For example, you want your lover to be a mature person turns out the dude is childish and irresponsible asf. That is one of the signs that you are not happy with the person you are with, and you should leave.

On the other hand, that is a different story if you are jealous of wealth of other couples rather than happiness. Let’s say Jessica has a rich boyfriend who got her a brand new expensive car for her birthday. You look at your boyfriend and remember he got you a 50 bucks teddy bear on your birthday last year. Then that does not mean his personalities are less better than the others, that means you are greedy my girl. So maybe you still want to break up because he is not rich enough for you. No offense.

5You Don’t Miss Your Partner When They Are Not Around

When you love someone, you spend a lot of your time thinking about that person. However, you might want to check things up if you don’t miss your partner when you are not together. Also, it is time to break up when you find yourself constantly looking for reasons to not spend time together. We all want our space and privacy, indeed, but not to the point that we don’t want to be with our partner. If you want to, you can always make time no matter what. You don’t want to go out with people whom you have no interest in, it’s breakup time if you feel so in a relationship.

6You Have Different Priorities

You are happy with your well-paid job while your partner is still planning to continue education with unclear future plans. Once two people have two different priorities at the point that they should move on to another level of life, things won’t work. Different priorities and life goals are like the border to divide a relationship into two. The two people should plan life goals together, and the relationship is not healthy if together-plans is not there. Different priorities will lead to separation because waiting for too long is never an option.

7You No Longer Have Fun Together

Fun is part of the happiness in a relationship, and you cannot live with each other wearing grumpy faces. You used to have fun together no matter what you were doing, but not spending time together is not the same. It is more like an obligations rather than the activities to tighten your relationship. Everything becomes boring, everywhere you go is a cliché, and whatever you do together is just not enjoyable. That is time to either find a way to enjoy each other’s company again or break up.

8You No Longer Like Your Partner’s Personality

At first, the person seems so charming and adorable you think you have found the perfect soulmate. Then, you realized that the person is not that charming at all just conceited actually. After that, you will not find your partner interesting or loving anymore, and you don’t want to see their faces. Personality is important, and you cannot continue your relationship if you don’t like your partner’s personalities anymore. Because that will lead to the previous point, everything that person does will annoy you.

9Your Partner Is Abusive

That includes physically and verbally abuse, and no one shall live with this type of person. Everyone deserves to be with someone who respects them and cares about their well-being. No matter how much you love the person, it is never good to be with an abusive partner. You might want to find solutions at first, but you really should break up if things does not get any better.

10You Realize You Have Nothing In Common

At the beginning of a relationship, things are always perfect and flawless with everything you do together. After some times, things start to get serious and you realized that both of you have zero common with each other. He wants to get married and have a bunch of kids while you want to focus on your career or travel. Situations like this often result in disappointment on both sides which will lead to consideration on breaking up. So always make sure you plan along the way and look for things in common to avoid disappointment.


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