21 Animals with Rare Colors that You Don’t Know Exist


Have you ever wondered if there are animals with rare colors out there on our planet earth? This article is here to clear your doubt since there are some animals that possess unusual colors from their kind. From a brown Panda to a purple polar bear, there are other animals that will amaze you. They are real, and they are one in a million which is the thing that you might want to know. Here are the 22 unique animals with rare color patterns. Bear in mind that they are not photoshopped, and let us know if you know other animals with such rare colors.

1Bi-Colored Northern Cardinal

image: blog.nfw

This cardinal possesses unique colors and genders that make it rare in nature. The color occurs during the first cell division of the fertilized egg. The division caused one of the cells produced to be male and the other to be female. Since this type of bird has different colors for the genders, it results in 2 colors for the bird. So, this cardinal has female plumage on the right and male plumage on the left.

2Black Penguin

image: Reddit

Looks like someone forgot to wear their white apron. This black penguin was found by National Geographic, and it is known to be the rare color among penguin squads.

3Brown Panda

Being unique somehow is not that good at the beginning. This is the only brown panda in the world whose name is Qizai. Qizai was abandoned by his mother when he was 2 months old, and he had to face bullying from other pandas. But now, he has become the most unique panda in the world. And if you want to visit him, you can find him in the Qinlig mountains of western China.

4Black Rooster

image: Pixabay

This black rooster is also known as Ayam Cemani in Indonesia. This type of rooster has a dominant gene that makes it entirely black both inside out and outside in. Yes, they have black feathers, beaks, and even organs.

5Blue Lobster

Blue lobsters have been repeatedly captured by many fishermen already. The great thing is that they are kept in the aquarium instead of cooking due to their beauty.

6Chimeric Lobster

image: Reddit

This lobster is so rare it is the only chimeric lobster caught so far. On one side, it looks like the lobster is half cooked due to its bright orange color. On the other side, it has a combination of different colors including yellow, red, and blue. And it results in brownish-green color.

7King Cheetah

There must be something about the look of the leader which is why this King Cheetah possesses such powerful patterns. As we know, most cheetahs have spots all over their bodies. However, this cheetah has a few long dark lines on his back which make him look like a strong leader. This King Cheetahs are common in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and the northern part of South Africa’s Transvaal province.

8Orange Alligator

image: USA Today

Alligator is already an animal that we don’t want to get close to, let alone the one with such different color. This orange alligator has appeared in South Carolina, and the reason for the color still has found yet. However, the residents joke that maybe the gator used too much self-tanning lotion. We never know.

9Pink Cyanide Millipede

image: LITFL

Don’t let the friendly color control your mind, this pink millipede is absolutely toxic. It might smell like almonds because it produces cyanide, but you won’t be safe once you touch it.

10Pink Dolphin

image: Andy Field

Pink dolphins do not only have a unique color but also special adaptations to their habitat. They live in the Amazon river, but you can also find them in the Orinoco basins and upper Madeira River as well.

11Pink Dragonfly

image: Max Pixel

Pink lovers must really love this article since there are so many pink animals here. Dragonflies actually have different colors based on their species. But pink is the first occasion that we see in dragonflies so far.

12Pink Grasshopper

So this is a rare phenomenon known as “Erythrism” which is an unusual reddish coloration. Pink grasshoppers are extremely rare, and they look quite fascinating. Pretty cute, right?

13Pink Lady Bug

image: S. Rae

We all know the red ladybug with black dots. But this pink ladybug right here takes their beauty to a whole new level. It is also rare to see such a type as well.

14Pink Orchid Mantis

image: Frupus

Orchid mantis is already a wonderful insect to see, and this pink orchid mantis is even more interesting. They can camouflage and mimic parts of an orchid flower to protect themselves from predators. If you don’t notice, you might think they are orchid flowers!

15Pink Spider

What has nature done!?! I don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing to see a scary eight-legged animal this way.

16Purple Polar Bear

image: Reddit

Pelusa is the name of this polar bear who has turned purple after being treated for a skin condition. She lives in an Argentinian Zoo, and has been temporarily living in a cage because of the treatment.

17Purple Snail

image: Pinterest

Janthina Janthina, aka the violet sea-snail is a species of holopanktonic sea snail. The color just makes the snail looks even more attractive and wonderful.

18Ring-Necked Snake

Ring-necked snake has a combination of different colors from head to tail which makes it look absolutely phenomenal. Also, it is a harmless species that you can take a closer look at without having anything to worry about. You can find them throughout the US, central Mexico, and southeastern Canada.

19White Alligator

So we have the alligator that used too much tan lotion it turns orange. And here is the alligator that mistaken bleach with lotion and turns itself white. Nah, I’m kidding. White alligators or albino alligators are in Louisiana, Florida, and other zoos. It is kind of beautiful and scary at the same time, to be honest.

20White Peacock

White Peacock is like the definition of beauty and perfection since it looks so noble and elegant. Hopefully, this beautiful nature creation will last longer in the future.

21White Tiger

Our childhood has taught that the tiger has the colors of orange with black stripes across the body. However, this white tiger completely changes the game. Also known as bleached tiger, this animal is also found in the while from time to time in some Indian states. You can also visit them in the zoo in Las Vegas, Japan, and other countries.