10 Disney Locations That Exist In Real Life


Have you ever wondered how Disney design their location in each movie? Actually, those Disney locations are nowhere from imagination but the real places themselves. From castle to castle, the movie directors are at least inspired by one place from somewhere in the world. Some places look exactly the same as the original real-life design, but others even have the same name. So, let’s take a look and these Disney locations that exist in real life here and see if you’re familiar with them.

1Alcazar of Segovia

Where: Spain

One castle, 2 movies. With the construction at the edge of the reef, isn’t it the perfect place for a fairytale? Perfect it is. The castle makes a great location for 2 Disney movies including Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, and Cinderella. You will also find the castle in Disneyland and Disney World as well!

2Chateau de Chillon

Where: Switzerland

A castle by the sea, it is so obvious that it is the perfect inspiration for the Disney movie Little Mermaid. The prince who lives in the castle a coastal area where he meets a mermaid princess. Where else could be better for such a story? And the actual castle itself is absolutely gorgeous.

3Hotel de Glace

Where: Canada

Yes, there is a hotel in Canada that is built from total ice and snow. You know what movie this hotel has inspired, Frozen, of course. The castle that Princess Elsa lives in is actually motivated by this awesome hotel in Canada right here. The hotel itself has several rooms and minibars that the guests can enjoy during their stay. The two places are just as luxurious as one another.

4Machu Picchu

Where: Peru

Not all of us have watched Emperor’s New Groove, but the place of the movie is inspired by a real place. And that place is nowhere far away from the famous Machu Picchu in Peru. Machu Picchu is an ancient city built thousands of years ago which is the perfect place for an ancient movie.

5Mont Saint-Michel

Where: France

A place surrounded by water with a castle pokes out in the center of the city, are you familiar with the look? This is where the movie “Tangled” took place, and the two areas look so identical. Well, Rapunzel did not live in France, but the place seems great for the movie.

6Neuschwanstein Castle

Where: Germany

Now, what is your first thought when you see this castle? Of course, it is the castle that appears at every beginning of a Disney movie! And it is also the castle from the movie Sleeping Beauty as well. You will also see the same castle in Disneyland, or you might have already seen it.

7Notre Dame Cathedral

Where: Paris

If you have been to France, you would be familiar with this amazing cathedral. The Disney movie, “Hunchback of Notre Dame” took place in France. And guess what, the cathedral actually exists with the name “Notre Dame”. The design and the look are absolutely similar to one another, even the gargoyles.

8Pride Rock

image: Pinterest

Where: Tanzania

Oh yeah, Pride Rock does EXIST. When it comes to lions and savanna, nowhere can be a better inspiration than Kenya. The whole place is just the perfect location for the movie the Lion King, naturally awesome.


Where: Texas

Car 3 has just been released, and guess what? The location of a town Radiator Springs in the movie does exist. The gas station of Ramone is actually based on the U-Drop Inn that locates in Shamrock, Texas. More than this, Sally’s Cozy Cones also exist, and the real place is Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona.

10Taj Mahal

Where: India

I will show you the world… The castle in the famous animation movie Aladdin was inspired by the beautiful castle Taj Majal in India. You can see the resemblance here, stunning indeed.

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