Mantis Shrimp: The Crustacean With A Powerful Punch


As the nightmare of the sea, there are many interesting things to know about mantis shrimp. First of all, they are neither mantises nor shrimps. They are the relatives of crabs, shrimps, and lobsters which is why they have this confusing appearance. The mantis shrimps are strong, tough, and incredible at the same time.


Let’s begin with their eyes. They have the most advanced eyes in the animal kingdom. Mantis shrimps can control their eyes to move in different directions. The best part is each eye can detect 12 colors and 3 images all at once. That means their eyes can locate 3 different images in each eye, together 6 images at the same time from both eyes. And they have beautiful colors on their bodies, too.


image: Ed Bierman

The beauty of mantis shrimp might make you think that they are the coolest gang in sea’s hood. No, mantis shrimps don’t hi-five with other shrimps and lobsters under the sea. They have these two raptorial appendages that can knock anything they want. So if they decide they want to eat something, that thing won’t get away easily. At least it loses an arm or a leg to the mantis shrimps. The interesting fact about them is that they have the fastest punch in the world, creating 1,500 Newtons of force. This holy creature can move so fast the water boils around them. This little freaky thing can kill pretty much any prey it wants without even trying. It can break and tear apart crabs, mollusks, oysters, and other sea animals for snacks anytime.

You won’t find them in aquariums, and you won’t be able to have them as a pet easily. Remember their powerful punch? Yes, they can break glass tanks with their punches. They also eat their neighbors as well in case you try to put mantis shrimps with other fish and sea creatures. However, if the aquarium decides to have these freaky dudes, they will have shatterproof acrylic glass for them. VIP tanks is a better phrase to describe mantis shrimps’ second home.

The special thing about the mantis shrimps is they are monogamy. They mate for life, and the only other creature that can share a room with them is their partner. They will live in the same burrow, share food, and raise their babies together.

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