Affable Strangers: 6 Friendly Wild Animals


When it comes to friendly wild animals, many of them are actually more outgoing than your friend’s cat. Although some of them will come to you out of curiosity, they are pretty nice to be around. So in case you meet any of them along the way during your adventures, don’t be afraid. Maybe some of them can be your temporary companions, let’s see who they are.


Alpacas have become one of the most popular pets due to their adorable looks and nice behavior. Generally, these social herd animals live in groups that include a territorial alpha male, females, and the young. At the same time, they are very energetic and intelligent so it is normal for them to get into fights. However, alpacas are gentle and nice with humans, especially children, but they are also extremely observant. Sometimes these friendly wild animals can be so curious, and that just makes them even more fun to be with. Despite all the friendliness, alpacas do not like to be hugged at all. To display affection, an alpaca will bring its nose to you with a brief kiss or nuzzle sometimes.

Another thing about them is that just like humans, different alpacas have different personalities. Some of them can be very friendly while others are divas with short tempers and stubbornness. So no matter if you meet one on the farm or in the wild, it is always better to observe them first. The good part is that alpacas are outgoing most of the time, and their curiosity will bring them closer to humans. According to Rebecca, an alpaca farmer, female alpacas are way easier to get along with and handle. The boys are always a handful, but they are still quite fun to raise. In case you want to befriend one, make sure to learn the sounds that they make. That way, you can easily tell if you are welcomed or invading their space.


This is the largest living rodent with a stern face that appears to be anything but friendly. In contrast, capybaras are super adorable, and they love to snuggle with their buddies and pretty much everyone. You will them being in the middle of different other animals such as cats, guinea pigs, monkeys, rabbits, and more. Just like those lucky animals, capybaras are also friendly toward humans as well. More than that, these large rodents are also social animals as they live in groups of up to 40 individuals. Capybaras maintain their close-knit bond with each other by grooming, scent marking, touching, and vocalizations.

The interesting thing about these friendly wild animals is their hierarchy system within their groups. Each capybara herd has a dominant male along with subordinate males, females, and young. The largest males are usually the dominant individuals, and they have access to the best water holes, females, and parasite-eating birds. Being in the herd has protection and reproduction benefits because these two things are not available outside the group. Sometimes subordinate males tend to occupy positions on the edges of resting groups away from dominant males. Capybaras live together with great harmony, and coming across one of them in the wild will be an amazing experience.


As one of the most intelligent animals in the world, there are a lot of extraordinary things about dolphins. One of those is the fact that they are both curious and friendly with humans. In the sea, they would swim around the boats or divers, showing a lot of interest in humans. The most fascinating thing is that there have been many occasions when dolphins help humans. From fetching a dropped smartphone back from the sea to protecting swimmers from shark tracking, dolphins involve with them all. Because they are so intelligent, it is not a surprise for them to understand the reciprocal idea between humans.

However, intelligent animals like them often have different personalities among their peers just like us. There are some wild dolphin species that seek out social encounters with humans, in a bad way. Those are the lone social dolphins who come close to humans to substitute for the company of their own kind. We talk about aggressive dolphins who attempt sexual assaults or display hostile behaviors towards humans. Some of those lone dolphins showed misdirected sexual behavior not only towards humans but only buoys or vessels. Occasionally, male dolphins sported an erection in an attempt to mount swimmers which is dangerous, especially for female swimmers.

Although being more friendly than unkind, there have been 2 documented human deaths by dolphins in Brazil and New Zealand. It is the result of dolphins with a habit of abducting people by dragging them out to sea. If not dragging, they try to prevent humans from returning to shore by pinning them to the seabed. As for their aggressive behaviors, those resulted in broken ribs or ruptured spleens while some people were knocked unconscious. This is why it is always better to observe which dolphins to play with and which dolphins to stay away from.

4Prairie Dog

Looking super fluffy, prairie dogs are burrowing rodents that are native to the grasslands of North America. It is actually a type of ground squirrel with a canine name because of its warning call that is similar to a bark. Prairie dogs often mind their business in the wild, so you can observe them without a problem. Because they are social animals, prairie dogs treat humans just like members of their colony. Most of the time, prairie dogs can be very affectionate but they also bite.

This wild animal has been popular as a pet lately, but they are difficult to care for. Maybe because of their friendly nature, prairie dogs require regular attention so they are not right for busy people. At the same time, they go into a period called a rut each year which can last for several months. During the rut, there is a drastic personality change that makes them become aggressive or defensive. Plus with the specific diet of grasses and hay, it is better to leave them in the wild.


With the reputation of being the happiest animals in the world, quokkas are also quite friendly as well. Rottnest Island is the only place where you can find these friendly animals in large members. Many of them are so friendly they will come up to you, and pose in a selfie with you. If you are lucky enough to get a selfie, you will cherish it forever. Quokkas have the most adorable smile in rodents, and a selfie with them is worth everything. There is one important rule which is not to touch them because it is illegal to do so over there. Also, you should not feed them because human foods are dangerous for wild animals. Feeding might instigate bites as a result of quick food snatching which is a common injury that dozens of people experienced.


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The adorable thing about this mini kangaroo is that they are docile and friendly both as pets and in the wild. Native to Australia, wallabies are exotic pets because of their size and stunning appearance. The thing is that it is quite challenging to have them as pets because they are not domesticated and cannot be house-trained. At the same time, these marsupials require an advanced level of care so you need to do a lot of research. However, wallabies can make a great pet in the right household because they are very cuddling and social. Some even follow you around the house while getting along with non-aggressive house pets.

There are 11 wallaby species, and Bennett’s wallabies are the friendliest of them all. Just like kangaroos, wallabies have powerful hind legs that they use from jumping to great distances and heights. Those legs also play a part in their self-defense with the harsh and swift kicks that they deliver. Many wallabies are anxious, friendly, and jumpy, but some of them do not have a mild temperament with us. The key is to know which species to approach and which to avoid. As one of the friendly wild animals, you can pet Bennett’s wallabies if you are lucky. The dama and tammar wallabies are the species to keep your distance from because they are more jittery and suspicious.

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