13 Biggest Dinosaurs To Ever Lived On Earth


Let’s get back to the past and see what the biggest dinosaurs are. One way to prove the size and weight of these gigantic dinosaurs is by their fossils. Scientists are amazing, and I appreciate that because learning about dinosaurs is fun somehow. There had been many species of dinosaurs that roamed our world millions of years ago. However, let’s just talk about the most enormous ones today. Here we have 13 biggest dinosaurs that ever lived on our beautiful planet earth.


Argentinosaurus has been known to hold the title of the largest dinosaur to ever lived. The estimation of the length of this dinosaur is about 30-45 meters with a weight up to 110 tons. The height of this dinosaur was about 22 meters high which is absolutely tall. The best part is you can find the original material of the reconstruction of Argentinosaurus in the museums.


image: behance

With a weight of about 97 tons, this dinosaur is absolutely gigantic. If we talk about the length from tail to head, it was about 40 meters long. The size and weight of this dinosaur prove that it was one of the hugest and tallest dinosaurs to walk the earth.


The total estimation of Alamosaurus is about 30 meters in length and 80 tons in weight. This dinosaur had shared the earth with us since 69-68 million years ago.


Discovered in 2014, this dinosaur is one among the gigantic species among other dinosaurs on earth. Its weight was about 72 tons, and its height was about 6 to 7 meters high.


Most dinosaur fossils are found in South America, and so is this one. Antarctosaurus is a herbivore with a long neck and tail, and it is possible that they were armored. The complete skeleton has not been found yet, but the estimation of their length is about 18 meters. With a height of 6 meters and a weight of about 70 tons, this dinosaur is extremely huge.


Meaning Turia Lizard, this dinosaur had been on earth about 140 million years ago. Being the largest dinosaur ever found in Europe, Turiasaurus was 36-39 meters in length, and 56.1 tons in weight.


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Brachiosaurus is probably the only dinosaur with weight and body proportions. It had a very long neck and a shorter tail. Also, its forelimbs were longer than the hind limbs which were rare among sauropods. This vegetarian dinosaur weighed about 32-90 tons with a height of 26 meters.


Here we have the Earthquake God Lizard, one of the largest dinosaurs on earth. Its neck was about 12 meters, and it was the tallest dinosaur of all time with a height of 34 meters. The weight was also impressive since this herbivore was as heavy as 55-65 tons.


Lived about 87 million years ago, Futalognkosaurus was big in size yet a herbivore in diet routine. The estimation of their body length is about 32-34 meters from tail to head. While their height was about 26 meters with a weight of about 49 tons. Their fossils are known as the most complete giant dinosaur known so far by the fossil team.


Elaltitan probably lived about 96.5 million years ago in the southern part of Argentina. The weight of this dinosaur was about 42.8 tons with 30 meters of height according to the estimation from the experts.


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Found in Egypt by accident, this dinosaur lived between 99.6 to 93.5 million years ago, and weighed about 38 tons. For body, the length of this huge dinosaur was about 26 meters which is not small at all!


Apatosaurus or Brontosaurus was one of the largest dinosaurs in the world. This plant-eater is measured to be about 27 meters in length and 4.6 meters in height. It weighed about 38 tons, and it lived about 152 million years ago.


image: Dinopedia

You must be familiar with the name, and this dinosaur might be the ancestor of our today giraffes. The length of this dinosaur is about 21.8 to 22.5 meters from tail to head. Their height was about 12 meters tall with a weight of 16 tons. They had long necks and tails, and small brains.

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