15 Best Chocolate Bars That You Should Take A Bite


Taking a bite from the best chocolate bars is like tasting the beginning of happiness. Chocolate bars are so popular among people of almost all ages since they are delicious and easy to find. The thing is what are the tastiest chocolate bars that we should try? What are your most favorite chocolate bars? You might have your favorite chocolate bar choices, but I want to bring more options for you. Here we have 15 best chocolate bars that you might want to try because they are so so so good!

1Almond Joy

The best is yet to come because this Almond Joy is something you might have never tried before. One bite, and you will taste coconut, almonds, and milk chocolate. Sounds like something to eat when your chocolate mood is on.

2Baby Ruth

image: Pop Patrol

Speaking of chocolate bars, Baby Ruth is one of a kind. With the mixture of peanuts, caramel, and chocolate. Baby Ruth chocolate bar brings out the incredible taste that you will love.

3Butterfinger Bar

If you love peanut butter then don’t miss this tasty chocolate bar right here. There is only one bar in the package, but the bar contains the crispy core of peanut butter with sugar candy. The chocolate coating makes the whole taste tastes even better.

4Hershey Bar

image: inutoneko

Milk Chocolate is something unique and tasty when it comes to chocolate bars. The bar looks like a bar of ordinary chocolate except the taste is especially different when you take a bite.

5Hershey’s Cookies & Cream

If you have eaten Oreo, you would know what it tastes like to try this chocolate bar. The taste is uniquely similar to each other.

6Kit Kat

image: Today

We all know Kit Kat, one bite and we will go for more and more. I don’t know about you guys, but it gets more crispy after putting it into the fridge for about 15 minutes. If you haven’t tried it yet, you really should!


No kidding British has great taste in chocolate, and Mars is the best proof of why. The thick chocolate coat outside makes the core inside even more tempting. There are a lot of different flavors vary in countries, and they’re all amazing.

8Milky Way

They say this chocolate bar makes you feel like the taste is absolutely out of the world. You might want to give Milky Way a try, and let us know what it tasted like.

9Nestle Crunch

This is more than just any common chocolate bar, it is the milk chocolate bar with crisped rice. The chocolate bar has been people’s favorite since 1938, and you should know why.

10Reese’s Sticks

This is also one of the well-known chocolate bars among chocolate lovers as well. The chocolate bar is actually wafers filled with peanut butter and covered in milk chocolate. Yummy!!!



Here we have our awesome chocolate bar voted by chocolate bar lovers out there. Snickers consists of nougat topped with peanuts and caramel along with milk chocolate. Just like Kit Kat, they taste better when they are cool and crunchy.


The best way to describe this chocolate bar is by imagining the taste of honey, smooth milk chocolate, and almond nougat. You combine the taste together, and you will feel how tasty this chocolate bar can be.


image: Amazon

You will love Twix since it has a combination of biscuits and more toppings and coatings. The great part is you will get 2 or even 4 bars in a package which is cool. That makes a few packages of Twix enough for snacks.

143 Musketeers

image: wez shop

3 Musketeers is a chocolate bar covered in chocolate with more fluffy whipped chocolate inside. Chocolate and chocolate, I believe this is among the best.

15100 Grand Bar

Named after a successful game show series, this chocolate bar is also a successful creation as well. 100 Grand Bar has been people’s favorite chocolate bar since 1966. The taste? Your palate will feel chocolate, caramel, and crisped rice altogether.

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