7 Fruits We Think Are Vegetables But Are Actually Not


There are times when we debate about fruits we think are vegetables with people around us. Who knows that the vegetables we use for cooking or making food are actually fruits? To clear such doubts, WhatDeWhat is here to bring you 7 fruits we think are vegetables but are actually not. At least we don’t count tomatoes are vegetables anymore because they are actually fruits. Sometimes some fruits are fruits in some countries but they are vegetables in other countries. These types of fruit are so confusing, to be honest, so let’s see together if you have ever thought that these vegetables are fruits.


That includes all types of beans as well as peas which we all think are clearly vegetables. Remember when our moms said “Eat your vegetable.” with beans on the plate? Well, mom, you should have said “Eat your fruit.”. Beans and peas contain seeds, and that makes them fruit. Imagine we know that as kids and we correct them by saying, “Mom, they are a fruit, not a vegetable.”. Savage or grounded?


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Cucumber develops from the flower of the cucumber plant, and it contains seeds. Perhaps, cucumbers are one of the fruits we think are vegetables since they are eaten as vegetables. The way to identify which is a fruit and which is a vegetable is the seeds. Fruit has seeds, and you can see that there are seeds running through the middle of the cucumber. So yeah, cucumber has been fruit all along.


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I am sure that more than half of people treat and see eggplants as vegetables, but eggplants are not a vegetable. Somehow we eat fruit raw, and we don’t do that with eggplants so how come they are fruits? The truth is eggplants are not only fruits but also considered berries. However, eggplant smoothie does not sound tasty at all so let’s just treat them the way we have always been doing.


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How many of you think that olives are a vegetable? Olives are a fruit because they come from the flower of the olive tree. So a fruit comes from the mature ovary of a plant and the ovary is found in the flower. That explains why olives are actually a fruit because they grow from a flower.


These are the new type of fruits that we think are vegetables just like the other plants on the list today. If beans, eggplants, pumpkins, peas, and more are fruit, okra is not an exception. Although some parts of the world consider okra as a vegetable, this plant is technically a fruit due to its seeds.


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Botanists see sweet pepper as a fruit because they contain seeds with hot taste inside. Also, bell peppers are also fruit even if they are considered vegetables in culinary contexts. Just like other fruits we think are vegetables on the list, pepper is a seed-bearing structure that develops from the ovary. Peppers don’t have root leaves or stems, so they are clearly fruit just like tomatoes.

7Pumpkin & Squash

From pumpkins and other types of squash like zucchini starts out from a flower on a vine. Technically, they are all fruits. Plus, fruit is usually the edible reproductive body of a seed plant. So pumpkins are edible, and they are full of seeds when you cut them open. That clearly makes them a fruit.

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