5 World’s Most Dangerous Turtles That Can Harm You


If you think that all turtles are slow with zero threat to humans, then think again. There are certain types of dangerous turtles that you have to keep great distance from. That is because they are not slow, and they have powerful bite that can cut through your flesh. Unbelievable as it sounds, but the dangerous turtles that we are talking about are no jokes. All of them are not afraid to attack humans if we are not careful enough. Let’s find out together about the dangerous turtles with us and see if you still think they are slow and harmless.

1Alligator Snapping Turtle

Being the largest freshwater turtle in the world is not the only title that alligator snapping turtle holds. They are also among dangerous turtles that can snap our limbs like their name suggests. If you notice, these turtles have razor-sharp beak that can shred anything from bones to wood as well as aluminum. They possess powerful bite force, and they can be extra aggressive when on land than in water, and will hiss when feel threatened.

Despite the fact that alligator snapping turtles are very aggressive and dangerous, they don’t usually attack humans. Only some unfortunate swimmers who have encountered them as they seek out for meal have been crushed, amputated, and even drowned.

2Big-Headed Turtle

By the name, you can tell that these turtles have large head. These dangerous turtles are the lake and river dwellers that can reach more than two feet in length. Big-Headed turtles have a huge and distinctive head that can not be retracted into their shell like regular turtles. But that does not mean that these turtles are harmless. Them turtles are nocturnal and fiercely protective of its territory and eggs.

This type of turtle has bony head along with a razor-sharp hooked beak that can pulverize almost anything that it grabs. Usually, they hide by burrowing in gravel or sand along the river banks and behind waterfalls. The turtle strikes unwary prey if they get too close with no exceptional. There have been many unwary swimmers or bathers have lost a limb or foot during an unfortunate encounter with these dangerous turtles.

3Leatherback Sea Turtle

image: imgur.com

Here we have the largest sea turtle in the world with the reputation of being one of the most dangerous turtles. These turtles can grow so big and heavy, and even heavier than some rhinos. With large body, leatherback sea turtles also have very sharp and strong bite that can shatter bones of its prey.

In case you don’t know, this large turtle species has rows and rows of sharp teeth. Those rows of teeth extend all the way down the back of the throat and esophagus. However, the main courses on their menu are jellyfish, sea urchins, squid, fish, and floating seaweed only. They don’t prey on humans except the people with bone-crushing experience who encountered them at the wrong place and wrong time.

4Mata Mata Turtle

image: Pinterest

Looking cute as babies but nightmare indeed as they grow, mata mata is one of the most dangerous turtles. This turtle has a long neck with flat and spiny head sticking out from the weird shell. Like who would expect a turtle to have a neck this long? These river dwellers have two sets of razor-sharp teeth that can bite through almost anything.

Many people have been seriously injured in rivers in South America while crossing paths with these dangerous turtles. The bites from these turtles result from the confusion of humans with other prey. While some other times, they will bite to defend their territory or when they feel threatened. If you spot one near, try to go as far as you can from them both on land and in water.

5Soft Shell Turtle

image: Pinterest

This is the most strange-looking turtle among any other species because of their shell. This creature resembles a turtle in the front but with a body that flares out and flattens in the back. This type of turtle mostly hides in sand, and suddenly pounce on prey if they get too close. Soft shell turtles ain’t got no heavy shells, so they are very quick when attack.

The point that makes them fearsome turtles is their extraordinary hard bites that can shatter bone and amputate feet and hands. There are many species of soft shell turtles all over the world, but they don’t usually attack humans. The only times that these dangerous turtles strike are when people step on them or pose some sort of threat.

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