7 Prehistoric Animals That Are Still Alive Today

image: Wikimedia Commons

You might have heard about dinosaurs, but they are long gone by now. However, there are still many prehistoric animals that are still alive until now. The good news is they are not as huge as the animals from the past, and most of them are harmless. Well, they have might have unpleasant look but they are totally safe to share the world with us. Take a look at the 7 prehistoric animals that are still around below and let us know your thought.

1Alligator Gar

The alligator gar has been dwelling on planet earth for around 100 million years now. Their special feature? Oh, they have double rows of sharp teeth that can penetrate any skin. They have the look of part fish part crocodile, except they have incredible scales that are so big and strong. You can find them in rivers along Gulf Coast in the southern part of the United States.

2Horseshoe Crab

Looks like armor from the past, horseshoe crab has been roaming in the ocean for about 450 million years now. They like sandy as well as muddy environments, so you can find them in shallow water easily. Yes, they look nothing like a crab but people call them crabs anyway.


Jellyfish live forever!!! Since they have been here for 700 million years, you can tell they are undefeatable. They live in the ocean, and you will find them if you dive deep enough. According to science, jellyfish don’t die probably because they don’t have brains. Yes, they don’t. There are many species of jellyfish, and some of them are near extinction.

4Martialis Heureka Ant

This type of ant has been here like forever since 120 million years ago, but people discovered them in 2000. It is pale yellow in color, and this ant species is eyeless. Martialis Heureka ant has long, delicate mouthparts that scientists speculate are for munching soft invertebrates. They are living in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, and they have the perfect look of a prehistoric animal.


The fact that they are still alive for 500 million years, they have been surviving several mass extinctions. These mollusks are too strong, or even immortal. You can find them in coral reefs on the Indian Ocean, Western Pacific Ocean, and Central Pacific Ocean. The sad thing is they are close to extinction now, well you know overfishing by people.


The platypus looks a bit like a beaver with the duck talon, and live in the water. You can find them since the last 170 million years, and their fossil was discovered 100.000 years back. They look adorable, too.


Triops aka Tadpole Shrimps have been here for about 200 million years, and they live in water yes. Since they are still alive today, their ancestors might have watched the live show of how dinosaurs went. You can find them everywhere as long as there is water, even in your room. Yes, right you can make them your pet as well. You can order them online, yeah. How cool is that to have an animal from million years ago as a pet.

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