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8 Worst Jobs In The World That You Might Never Know


Some people are risking their lives doing these worst jobs in the world just to make a living. Well, some of the jobs are quite dangerous and they need to be extra careful. While other jobs are extremely unpleasant that it gets worst. When it comes to the worst jobs, what first pops into your mind? Your thought might be true. If you think your job is bad and you hate it, take a look at these people and think again. Let’s find out down here and let us know if you know jobs that are way worst.

1Animal Masturbator

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According to science, you need a sperm sample to conduct research on the fertility of the animals. Actually, there are 3 alternatives to getting sperm from animals. You can insert the electric probe into the animal, use an artificial vagina with the animal, and use direct masturbation. All of these options are not safe sometimes if you deal with a horse or bull. You never know if you touch the wrong place and get kicked. That is absolutely dangerous, but someone gotta do the job for the sake of science.

2Crocodile Trainer

image: Pond5

You know these cruel animals, no one wants to get near them. However, if you are a crocodile trainer, it is your job to be with them hours a day. For shows, crocodiles are trained to do tricks. Tricks like opening up their mouth and letting the trainer put their heads or limbs in. We can’t even trust humans, how can we trust the crocodiles not to close its mouth? That is why this job is worst, and many trainers lost their body parts as snacks to the reptile.

3Flatus Odor Judge

Standing next to someone with body odor is already bothering, let alone having the job to do so. Yes, this job exists. Some people are required to smell the armpit or other parts of other people’s bodies as part of the research. And guess what, fart is also on the list. Also, you don’t have to imagine this. And I hope you are not reading this before and while eating.

4Guard at Buckingham Palace

If you have seen the guards before, you would know how tense it is. They have to stand still in front of the gate, without moving of course, and without smiling as well. The rules are absolutely strict as well, if they missed a spot, punishments are yet to come. They might have extra guard duty, and that is not fun. Not to mention tourists who make fun of them while they’re on duty. TOURISTS.

5Janitor At A Sperm Bank

You get the idea. Someone gotta clean the sticky and dirty stuff on the floor.

6Mosquito Researcher

Another science project that requires sacrifice. To do research about malaria or dengue fever, scientists have to do the real practice. They use themselves as bait to collect the mosquito. Sometimes the bites go up to thousands per collection. And the scientist himself sometimes has to do that twice a week. Salute to the scientists out there who sacrifice themselves for us.

7Road Kill Remover

There are many animals getting hit by cars, ran over by cars, and stick on the road. That is when the road kill removers come. They need to peel the dead animal remains off the road, in the middle of the traffic sometimes. Not that bad, but if some drivers hit those animals, they can also hit the roadkill collectors.

8Sewers Cleaner

Here we have the number one worst job in the world. There is nothing that can top this, and the job is even worst in India. The men who are responsible for the job simply jump into the sewages without any protection at all. They normally wear a pair of shorts, and dive deep in the sewage to clear the blockages and stuff. You don’t have to imagine that, but I wish at least they have extra protection for the body. There are a lot of viruses and chemical substances in there which are bad for health.

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