10 Most Handsome Horses That Look So Elegant


Horses are awesome animal that has been domesticated for over 5,000 years now. When it comes to appearances, handsome horses look super noble from every angle. There are different looks of horses from different parts of the world, but the most handsome horses are rare. So today we will look into the 10 most handsome horses with elegant appearance, and some species are also rare on earth. Let’s see and let us know which horse breed you think is the most handsome.


This horse breed is believed to be one of the oldest surviving and purest horse breeds in the world. Among the breed, there is this one certain breed of Akhal-Teke horse that is so eye-catching it becomes the most handsome horse on earth. As you can see, not every horse has a shiny coat of palominos and buckskins that looks so noble and elegant like that. Not a single doubt of why its nickname is Golden Horse.

Beauty is one thing, but the temperament of this horse breed is also incredible. Akhal-Teke horse is very intelligent because they learn things very quickly, and they are very gentle. On top of that, they often develop strong bonds with their owner which makes them one loving friend.

2Andalusian Horse

Andalusian Horse aka Pure Spanish Horse is a horse breed from the Iberian Peninsula. It is also one of the most ancient horse breeds, and that handsome look is totally one of a kind. Andalusian Horse has been highly regarded as cavalry horse due to their agility and courage.

This horse breed has a long head with a broad forehead and convex profile as well as a long arched neck. The mane is abundant, and their legs are so fine they make the horse looks absolutely beautiful. Not to mention that Andalusian horses are intelligent, docile, and calm, these handsome horses are very noble and elegant.

3Arabian Horse

If an Arabian Horse was a man, he would have a perfect jawline with a perfect body and great energy. The purebred Arabian Horse is strikingly amazing, and they are easy to recognize due to their identifiable characteristics. These handsome horses have finely chiseled heads and dished faces along with long arching necks and high tail carriage. Arabian horses come in many colors apart from beautiful white such as bay, gray, chestnut, black, and roan. No matter what color of their coat is, this horse breed is still one of a handsome kind.

4Black Forest Horse

Black Forest Horse aka Black Forest Cold Blood is a rare draft horse breed from southern Germany. This horse breed is very handsome as you can tell by their flaxen mane and tail. The horse has a short head, strong neck, well-laid and back shoulders, and expansive gaits. Their hooves and joints are also very strong which makes them perfect for many purposes. German usually use them for work in the forest, pulling carriages and carts, and they are also popular riding horses as well.

Their temperament makes them extra attractive due to their patience and gentleness along with their immense strength. You can easily recognize them by their dense mane that hangs down covering both sides of their neck. That my friends, is the beauty and the part that makes this horse breed unique in look.

5Friesian Horse

Would you look at that! This elegant-looking horse breed has its origin in Friesland, Netherlands. The horse has a long and thick mane and tail along with silky hair on the lower legs. Also, this breed is known for a brisk and high-stepping trot since the horses are active and energetic yet gentle and docile.

This horse breed is always black in color, and some have white stars on their foreheads. A Friesland is at least 15.3 hands in height by the age of 4, and each horse is simply perfect. These horses are intelligent, and they are always eager to please their owners. Such handsome horses are also very versatile which makes them ideal for dressage, trail riding, and pulling carriages.

6Gypsy Horse

image: pexels

Speaking of beauty, gypsy horses have to be on the list because this breed is definitely flawless. Gypsy horses are small yet solidly-built horses with long feathering hair on the legs that completely cover their hooves. As for their temperament, gypsy horses are docile which makes them ideal for riders of all ages and abilities. They are not only among the most handsome horses but also one of the best horses for every purpose. No doubt why gypsy horses are loved by many breeders and riders.

7Haflinger Horse

image: Cavalluna

Haflingers have a strong arched neck with a broad head that is flat or slightly dished shaped. These horses have a broad chest and rump along with strong tapered legs and large hooves. Their strong builds make them look super dope, and they are more docile than other species. As you can see, they tend to look smaller since their measurement is around 13 hands to 15 hands only. However, they can carry large riders easily because they are more muscled and strong despite their size.

8Marwari Horse

It is a rare horse breed from India, and this horse breed is famous for its hardiness. Their astounding beauty is hard to deny with their straight facial profile, deep chest, and slender legs with well-formed hooves. This horse breed is a great definition of perfection, and their measurement is between 15 and 16 hands. The horse is also known for their unique inward-curving ears that make them different from other horses. Nowadays, Marwari has been threatened by extinction so the Indian Government has banned all export of this beautiful and loyal horse breed.

9Morgan Horse

image: USEF

Here we have one of the earliest horse breeds developed in the United States with a fine appearance. The horse of this breed is compact and refined in build, and they have strong legs along with the expressive head. The head usually has a straight or slightly convex profile and a broad forehead with large and prominent eyes.

The muscles and the body of the horse make them handsome along with great strength. Plus, Morgans are powerful and strong horses with an elegant look that makes them perfect. People use them for many different purposes including racing, military use, family use, dressage, and more.

10Mustang Horse

This handsome horse breed has smooth muscle with a short back, rounded rump, and a low tail set. The breed is the descendant of Spanish or Iberian horses brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Mustangs are medium-sized horses with measurements of around 14 to 15 hands with a weight of up to 360kg. These handsome horses have a variety of colors, but the bay is their common color which is reddish brown or sorrel.

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