What Your Born Month Says About You (Women Version)

Born Month

There are many ways to tell a woman’s personality, and born months are one of them. If you want to know what your born month says about you, check out the details below. Let us know if it is accurate since a lot of people have said that it is 90% correct.


A woman who is born in January is a very ambitious person, and she likes interacting with smart people. At the same time, they are also caring and conservative. The only negative thing about this person is they don’t like expressing their feelings to other people.


Women who are born in February are the sweetest and full of romance as well as imagination. They are kind of superstitious somehow. Women born in February tend to be moody and hot-tempered, so people around should be more patient with them. However, they are the faithful type of people who adore their partner with all of their hearts. And if they hate someone, they hate that person to their guts.


Charming, strong, honest, and independent women are born in March, and they are absolutely likable. If they are angry, they won’t forgive easily. The interesting thing about this person is you have to play hard to get, they don’t fall in love with anyone easily.


Steady and serious, women who are born in April are the ones we can trust. Speaking of trust, if they trust someone, they will share everything they have with the person or people they trust. This type of person is super friendly and funny, and they are liked by literally everyone around them. But inside, they tend to get upset easily without even showing it.


If you are born in May, you are the person with certain and straight goals for your life. And you only do things that think are right for yourself. Well, that somehow makes the women born in May fight a lot with their partners.


This type of woman is powerful and strong even with their lovers. The best part is they are full of creativity, and they always want to learn about new things. They also like making new friends, and they are also fashionable as well. Women born in June don’t like hiding their feelings, they always speak their minds.


Women born in July are the ones you won’t want to mess with since they are so mysterious. She might smile at you, but she has already thought of when and how to kill you in her head. One thing to remember is they don’t like fighting or dishonesty at all, make sure you avoid that.


There are many positivities in women who are born in August that you will lose count of. They are open-minded, funny, charming, and adorable. Their positive personalities make people around them like them and want to be friends with them. The one thing they hate is people who don’t agree with them, and you will never win the argument with women born in August.


They are amazing inside out and vice versa, and they are also friendly, well-disciplined, and beautiful. You have to know that they don’t forgive people who lied to them or cheat on them because they hate unfaithfulness. When it comes to relationships, they only go for the person they think they can spend the rest of their life with.


Most of the women born in October don’t like expressing their feelings or opinions to other people at all. However, they are smart and strong. What they hate the most is unfaithfulness and cheating just like women born in September.


Don’t mess around with women born in November, they don’t like that. They are very serious, and they are extremely intelligent they can tell who is honest and dishonest with them.


Women born in December are absolutely optimistic and open-minded. Even if they are impatient sometimes, people still like them. The fact that they always think positively somehow makes them suffer from other people. People who are not as good as she thinks they are.

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