Dirty Everyday Objects That Are Full Of Bacteria


We never notice that everyday objects we use daily are not safe for us. There are many dirty everyday objects that are full of bacteria that people come into contact with all the time. We never know who touches those things after sneezing or picking their nose. Eww, right? That is why you should have a bottle of hand sanitizer with you because it always comes in handy. Today we will talk about everyday objects that you should notice for a healthier routine. Handwash is an obligation before eating, but also after you touched these objects are well. We also include some healthy habit tips for you at the end, a few minutes of reading this might help.


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Money or changes are the things that are touched by many different people every day. Some of them smell bad as well. You know the story about people who keep or hide money in their bras, shoes, or pants, right? Money is one thing that you should consider as a bacteria provider in your daily life. And again, don’t forget to wash your hands especially when you feel that those crumpled changes are from somewhere not your wallet.

2Elevator Buttons

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This is so obvious that there are hundreds of fingers touching those buttons every day. And we all know that people’s fingers are not as beautiful and clean. No offense to guys, especially. We will not talk about nose picking and stuffs like that, but elevator buttons are not clean overall.

3Food Menu

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I don’t know about Europe, but some food menus in Asia are so crappy. Some restaurants hand us the old and torn apart menu to read. And what do we do after that? We eat. We bring those germs from their menus to our food with our own hands. If that also happens in other parts of the world, don’t forget to wash your hand after touching those menus.

4Gym Equipment

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Those are not only the things people come into contact with every day with their hands, but also with sweat. A whole lot of sweat, to be precise. Sweat ain’t clean or safe, especially when it’s not from our body. And of course, you can’t avoid touching that equipment. But you gotta wash your hands first thing after working out. That will bring a healthy routine to your body inside out and vice versa.


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From buildings to apartments, you don’t know how many people walk past them and touch the handrails. Not to mention how many times you touch these handrails as you walk up the stairs. Also, if the handrails are outside the building, you don’t know what wind brings to those handrails. If you can’t avoid holding on to them as you walk, make sure to wash your hand right after. Because you might use your fingers or hands to touch your face or eyes, and that might be harmful.

6Light Switch Buttons

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Just like elevator buttons, these light switch buttons are not clean. It’s not that you lick your fingers right after switching off the light, but things happen. Try to not save bacteria in your body, so a few seconds of hand washing after such activities will be okay.

7Public Bathroom

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From faucets to public water fountains, they are not used by just a few people but many. If you can avoid those public places, please do.

8Spice Bottles In The Restaurants

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I remember adding some more pepper with my dirty hand after having a bite of pizza one time. Just one time, okay? That I knew those bottles are not clean because I never know how many people have done what I just did. Some restaurants are out in the open, so you should expect dust and dirt on your ketchup bottle as well.

9Trolleys In The Supermarkets

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Just like the previous ones, you don’t know how many hands have touched those. There are various things that you pick and touch in the supermarkets. From meat to seafood and vegetables, those might contain bacteria that we never know. And that is why you should spend a few seconds washing your hands right after shopping. Most people eat right after shopping, so you should make sure to keep your hands clean.

Since those are everyday objects, we know so well that we cannot avoid those things. And that is why we have some healthy tips that you can do every day for a healthy routine. There are 2 main tips to avoid bacteria and germs below.

Wash Your Hands

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This is so obvious that we should wash our hands, but there are some certain times that we should always do. Those times that you should wash your hand both before and after doing include:

  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Leaving the bathroom
  • Getting in contact with rubbish or pet feces
  • Sneezing or coughing

What To Wash Your Hand With

You can’t bring soap and water along with you to place, which is why there is a better solution. With hand sanitizer, you will not have to worry about bacteria or germs anymore. They are easy to bring along with, and they can kill germs effectively which is absolutely great. A bottle of hand sanitizer does not cost much, and they help a lot.

Hope this helps, let’s live a healthy life together. Start from us, and people we know will be healthy as well when you share all these tips with them. Sharing is caring, don’t forget to share this with your friends and family for healthy routines.

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