10 Dangerous Lakes To Avoid Swimming In


There are times when lakes are fun, but there are times when things go the opposite way as well. Knowing these dangerous lakes will help you to be aware of where to avoid them for your own safety. From strange animals to dangerous substances, we will look into 10 dangerous lakes in the world today. Some of them look just as ordinary as the others, but they can take your life if you are not careful enough. Take a look at these dangerous lakes below and let us know your thoughts.

1Boiling Lake

By the name you can tell that this lake in Dominica does not provide an icy cold atmosphere like the others. It is the second largest and hottest lake in the world, and one of the world’s most dangerous lakes. The ordinary temperature of this lake is about 92 degree Celsius, and swimming is forbidden in the lake. Why? You can boil the eggs in just a few minutes there which means this volcanic lake is not cool to swim in at all.

2Lake Brosno

image: pantip

Lake Brosno is a lake located in Russia, and it is known to be the home to Brosno Dragon. Brosno Dragon, aka the Russian Loch Ness monster, has been a rumor by people for years. There have been sightings of strange animals in the lake, but none of the scientists can find out what it really is. The look of the lake is quite eerie, and not everyone dares to swim in that lake at all.

3Lake Gafsa

This is like the strangest lake ever since it suddenly appears in the middle of the desert of Tunisia. Scientists believe that this lake is the result of an earthquake. But the interesting part is the water in this lake consists of poisonous weeds along with radiation. Just the perfectly dangerous combination of “heck no”.

4Lake Hillier

The unique thing about this lake is it is pink, and there hasn’t been any explanation for this yet. Located in Western Australia, Hillier is a saline lake that has a different color of bubblegum pink. Scientists believed that there might be saltwater algae that produce such pigment to turn the lake pink. It is safe to swim in, but the fact that no fish lives in that lake might change your mind.

5Lake Kawah Ijen

With light turquoise color, this lake is the largest highly acidic lake in the world with a pH as low as 0.5. On top of that, this lake in Indonesia is surrounded by volcanoes which cause the temperature of the lake to up to 200 degree Celsius. It is full of methane gas, and it is absolutely dangerous to swim in.

6Lake Kivu

Lies between the Republic of Congo and Rwanda, Lake Kivu is one dangerous lake that you don’t want to be near. If there is a volcanic eruption or earthquake around the area, this lake also explodes as well. You might ask why. The lake is full of carbon dioxide and methane gas, this is enough for you you to do the chemical reactions.

7Lake Michigan

This is one beautiful lake that is perfectly created by nature but with one flaw. No, there aren’t any sharks in there. The swift currents of the lake make it the deadliest lake to swim in. It is a lake with the look and condition like sea, waves, and currents. Even good swimmers still drown in this lake which is why you should avoid going there for a swim. There have been more than 82 drownings so far, and not everyone was lucky enough to live to tell the tale.

8Lake Natron

image: Pando Trip

Sounds like a magical myth from the movie, anything that dies in the lake becomes the statue of the lake. The alkaline water in Lake Natron has a pH as high as 10.5. And it is so caustic it can burn the skin and eyes of animals that aren’t adapted to it. Rumors said animals turn to stone after swimming in the lake, things do not work like that though. It is the sodium carbonate that preserves the bodies of animals that die in the lake. These dead birds are perfectly preserved you can’t believe they’re real.

9Lake Nyos

Back on the 21st of August 1986, a toxic cloud appeared around Lake Nyos. The tragedy killed 1746 people in total along with 3500 livestock around the area as well. This disaster occurred during a limnic eruption that produced a large cloud of carbon dioxide. That cloud then descended onto nearby villages and rushed down to suffocate people and animals there. The aftermath still results in carbon dioxide saturated water in the lake.

10Skeleton Lake

How would you feel when venturing across a lake full of skeletons from the bottom to the surface? Roopkund or Skeleton Lake is located in an uninhabited area in the Himalayas. There were more than 200 people mysteriously died in the lake, and the skeletons were not found until 1942. A lot of explanations began including a sudden hailstorm and more. But still, this eerie lake is not somewhere you would want to spend your vacation swimming.

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