10 Interesting Facts About Dreams You Might Never Know

Facts About Dreams

We all dream, and sometimes we remember them while other times we don’t. If you want to know some facts about dreams, we have some for you. Dreams are a series of thoughts or images that appear in our mind as we are sleeping. Good dreams make us feel good whereas nightmares, are not so pleasant. In some cultures, people believe that dream is a sign of something is that going to happen in the future. As for science, dreams are just sensations that result from the day that we have gone through. There are 10 facts about dreams below so check them out.

Dream Facts
  1. Most people have about 4 to 6 dreams per night, but they don’t usually remember them.
  2. A majority of us forget about 95% to 99% of our dreams. On rare occasions, people can have dreams in which they see what will happen in the future. This kind of dream is a Premonition Dream, and the reason behind that remains a mystery. Such dreams have been documented in many tragedies like the 9/11 attacks, the Titanic disaster, plane crashes, and more.
  3. Some people can consciously control and observe their dreams. It is like they are the main character of their own dreams in which they control their speech or movements. This is an unusual phenomenon known as Lucid Dreaming.
  4. Dreams occur in all five stages of sleep, but nightmares tend to occur in the final stage (REM Stage). It associates with high brain activity, rapid eye movements, and inhabited voluntary motor activity.
  5. There have been people who dreamed of inventions that they actually made later in their real life. That includes DNA’s double helix, sewing machine, and more.
  6. In case you wonder, blind people also have dreams. People who went blind later in life have visual dreams just like regular people due to their experience. As for people who are blind from birth, their dreams feature elevated levels of sensory perception similar to how they experience when they are awake.
  7. Another fact about dreams regarding blind people, studies have shown that blind people have more nightmares than people who are not blind.
  8. Men tend to be more violent and feature fewer characters than women. Men also dream about other men twice as often as they do about women. While women tend to dream about both sexes equally.
  9. The estimation is that five minutes after the end of a dream, we forgot 50% of it. After 10 minutes, we will have forgotten up to 90% of it.
  10. Some say that even the most terrifying nightmares like the ones about death or monsters usually do not represent bad omens. Actually, they rather signify major changes or emotional moments in your real life.

To prevent us from doing things like sleepwalking, our muscles are paralyzed during REM sleep. That results in sleep paralysis that can last up to several minutes which freaks out a lot of people.

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