10 Things Guys Should NEVER Do On A First Date

Things Guys Should NEVER Do On A First Date

One thing can lead to an unhappy first date very easily if you are not careful. To avoid that, you should know about things that guys should never do on a first date. We women are very sensitive sometimes, so some actions and words might offend us easily. With these 10 tips, I believe that men out there will find a better way to start their first date. Also, these tips apply to every single date, not just the first one. Remember guys, if you succeed on your first date, there will be more to come. Follow the tips below and get ready to have fun and memorable dates with the woman you like!

1Agree With Everything She Says

Smart women don’t want to be agreed with all the time, remember that. There are certain things that you can say no to and correct her as well, but not to the point of too much. Just because you like her does not mean you have to agree with her all the time. That my friend, is called spoiling. If you get into a relationship with the woman you dated, she would say you change if you don’t agree with her anymore. There are ways to agree but to express your idea at the same time. Don’t keep on nodding and saying yes even to things that you think are incorrect.

2Boasting Around

A person who keeps on talking about himself is a very annoying individual on earth, and it applies to any gender. Even if you are smart, fit, and handsome, don’t talk about your grades and 6 packs too much. A date is supposed to be an occasion for both of you to get to know each other. Therefore, the topics should be about both of you. Well, my best friend once went on a date with this guy who couldn’t stop talking about his trip and education abroad. Clearly, there was no second date.

3Crib About Things

No, don’t be that man who hates everything in the world both during the first date and in general. There are individuals who just don’t like anything around them. Don’t be grumpy, and crib about things that you hate. That will lead to a rough and boring conversation. Women like nice guys, so be optimistic and look at the world in the brighter side even if it’s not.

4Get Drunk

Who would want to go on a date with a guy who cannot control his drinking? No matter if you are good or bad at it, never drink too much on a date. A glass of red wine will do, don’t get yourself drunk and mess things up.

5Go Dutch

It is true that some women don’t like men to pay the bill for them. However, guys should be firm and insist to pay if it is the first time they meet her. You can provide an offer that links to a second date that she can pay on the next one. That does not only give you a chance to a second date but also shows your responsibility as well.

6Go Unwell-Dressed

This is also something important because looks do matter, accept this fact. No, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie and bathe with perfume. There are men who do not care to look nice on their first date, from head to toe. Beard that hasn’t shaved for weeks or greasy clothes are not pleasant things to be seen on a date. First impression lasts for a long time, make sure to maintain that. Not too casual, not too formal, just good enough for the place you go is a good thing.

7Point Out Her Flaws

You have to balance between compliments and criticism. Do not compliment her too much, she will think it is not honest and you want something from her. Also, do not criticize her to the point her self-esteem is deadly dropped as well. It is a good thing to make sure that she feels good with her on a first date. She might not know how to use chopsticks and stuff, but remember to not make fun of her flaws.

8Talk About Exes

This is a no no my friend. Thou shall never talk about exes during the first date if the question is not asked. But one way or another, try to avoid mentioning and talking about your exes. Neither compliment nor criticize your ex, just leave the person in the past. You go on this date for a reason, leave the ex thing behind if you’re ready to move on.

9Talk About His Bed Experiences

Never ever mention how good you are in bed to a girl on a first date, even if you really are. Well, you don’t have to let the girl you go on a date with to know how many girls you have slept with. And you don’t have to brag about how good you are at convincing girls to share beds with you as well. That is just so wrong on so many levels brother. No woman will continue a second date with you if you do that.

10Turn Up Late

NEVER EVER BE LATE. On the first date, and you turn up late keeping your lady waiting? Boy, don’t let that happen. If a woman who takes hours to get ready is on time, you have no excuse to be late. To avoid being late, you have to make sure that you have all time in the world on that day. Leave your place at least 30 minutes early so that the traffic or other things won’t keep you late.

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