RelationTips: Best Things To Eat On A First Date


Well, deciding on what are the best things to eat on a first date can be difficult sometimes. Apart from choosing the right clothes to wear and the right things to say, the right food to eat is also a part. There are many types of food to order on a first date, but the best ones are only a few actually. To call a successful and memorable date requires preparation which is why you need to consider every single thing.

You have to think about the food that you should not eat on a first date first. Eliminate every smelly food like ramen, ribs, spaghetti, etc. from your list. Cross out every food that is likely to stick on your teeth after eating it. Avoid every food that might leave a bad taste in your mouth (you might get a good night kiss!).

Then you have to add the food that you know that you and your date will enjoy on the date. Select the food that is easy to eat with utensils without too much effort. Select the food that requires a smaller bite so that you won’t look weird while eating.

A nice and romantic date does not always have to be in a fancy restaurant under candlelight. You can go to simple places and still make your date happy about it as well. That my friend, will lead to the second date or even more!

Let’s say, you want your first date with the person you like to be perfect. Which place would you pick? Here we have some great ideas on simple yet amazing food that you and your date will enjoy.


There are pubs where a couple can choose to go on the first date as well. Don’t think about the pubs that are loud and full of smoke from cigarettes. Think about the pubs that are quiet and relaxing that you can select for the occasion. A glass or two of cocktails, and you will be able to have a nice and romantic time. It is chilling, classic, and simply cool to go. Well, you know. Sitting under the dim light and listening to relaxing music while talking with your date. Like I said, no candlelights are always needed on a date.

2Ice Cream

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Well, actually the first date can be either serious or not serious. No matter if you plan to go exclusively or not, ice cream is always a great thing to eat. Physically, eating cold things tends to make people feel fresher and more relaxed. That makes it easy for the two of you to get to know each other even better. And we all love ice cream, so why not? You can ask each other questions during the convo, and everything will surely go smoothly. This can be an indirect date as well. But whatever date you plan, ice cream should be the first on your list.

3Frozen Yogurt

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Just like ice cream, frozen yogurt is also a great choice to eat on a first date. You can switch these two in case you get a second date which is awesome. And since girls don’t like eating greasy or high cholesterol meals on a date, FroYo is something you want to consider. You can sit there for a while and talk with each other about this and that. It is always great to eat FroYo, just make sure she agrees to go with you. It doesn’t have to be too expensive or romantic, give it a try and you will know why.


You know you have to eliminate spaghetti from the list, and that is when gnocchi comes to the rescue. The better thing about gnocchi is it will not splatter your face with red sauce as spaghetti does at all. It tastes just as good as spaghetti, and it is absolutely safe and neat to eat. No sauce + beautiful face and smile = successful date!


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First thing first, you can’t go for any pizza. Order the one that is less greasy and oily. You wouldn’t want to take a bite from a slice of pizza and get oil on your face, right? Not to mention if you are a man and have a mustache. A pizza mustache is not a good turn-on. Cut down the cheese and meat a little bit, and you will be able to have pizza with style.


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In case you want to go on a date with style, fancy restaurants and steak shall be your choice. The positive thing about eating steak on a first date is that it is neat and nice. You can easily cut the steak into a size that you can eat and chew elegantly. There is no dipping, no bones, and it is simply classic. If you take your first date seriously, steak should be the food that you are looking for.

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