Deadly Fungi: 8 Poisonous Mushrooms In The World


Mushrooms are one of the great choices to add to the food. However, you wouldn’t want to eat these deadliest poisonous mushrooms here. They are so dangerous they can end your life in a couple of hours if you’re late for treatment. Poisonous mushrooms are just like regular mushrooms, they grow anywhere we can see. Just make sure you know what their look like to avoid getting poisoned. Take a look at their pictures and remember their name so that you can avoid plugging them for your meal.

1Angel Wing

The name is too good for something that can kill you after consumption. Somehow it used to be edible, but it killed 17 people in 2004. It contains a fungus that kills brain cell as well as cyanide that causes kidney or liver problems.

2Autumn Skullcap

The look is amazingly good, the name, well you can tell. Looks like something I would want to eat if I didn’t know it was poisonous. Also known as Deadly Galerina, contains a toxin called α-amanitin. This toxin can damage your liver, kidney, and central nervous system in no time. Remember this look and walk away when you see one. This skully mushroom looks similar to edible mushrooms just to lure us to eat them. You can find them worldwide, and they grow on dead wood. Let’s say you will recognize them and will not confuse them with any other edible mushrooms. There is a perfect chance that a mushroom can take your life, that is not a fun way to die.

3Deadly Conocybe

This one is easy to recognize since it has conical caps and brown gills. You can find them in America’s Pacific Northwest, and these mushrooms are not safe to eat. They contain the substance called mycotoxins that can lead to fatality in just a few hours.

4Deadly Webcap

No lie this thing looks delicious, but it is absolutely deadly just like its name. It kills you slowly after several days or weeks after consumption. One bite is enough to spread the toxin orellanine in your body to damage your kidney. The symptoms of this mushroom poisoning are like having flu which is ignored by people. Make sure you remember this golden brown mushroom and avoid them.

5Death Cap

The famous death caps have killed so many people from year to year throughout the world. They look so similar to the yummy paddy straw mushroom, except they are highly toxic. You can find them from Europe to Asia, and no heat or way of cooking can reduce toxicity.

6Destroying Angel

By the name you can tell that this mushroom is neither friendly nor safe to eat. It contains a substance known as amatoxins that destroy liver and kidney tissue. And that my friend, takes only a couple of hours before causing death after the consumption.

7False Morel

You might not interested in picking mushrooms that look like this, but you shouldn’t try new things. Sometimes people can go “it doesn’t look good, but it might taste good so I’m going to try it.” Nope, don’t try to eat any mushrooms that you barely know. This spongy mushroom contains Mono Methyl Hydrazine that causes vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and even death.

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