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10 Best Arcade Games & Their Designers


Kids these days are so obsessed with online games, Play Stations, or Xbox, things were different back in the 70s. We are talking about the best arcade games and their designers today to bring up the memories. So what is an arcade game? Everyone is familiar with the coin-operated games in the mall or restaurants. Yes, those are arcade games. If you got the chance to play one back then, you were like the coolest kids. The golden era of arcade games was around the late 70s until the late 90s. I am proud to have owned some arcade games at home. And I thought I could bring this memory up with a few extra details today. Here we have 10 best arcade games along with their inventors for you to explore.

1Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

image: NoobFeed

Released: February, 1993
Country: Japan
Publisher: Capcom

2Captain Commando

image: IDC Games

Released: November, 1991
Designer: Akira Yasuda
Country: North America
Publisher: Capcom


image: IGN

Released: 1987
Designer: Koji Hiroshita
Country: Japan
Publisher: Konami

4Donkey Kong

image: Wired

Released: 22nd April, 1981
Designer: Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi
Country: Japan
Publisher: Nintendo

5Metal Slug

Released: 18th April, 1996
Designer: Meeher, Kazuma Kujo, Akio, Susumu, Max.D, Tomohiro, T. Ouki, and Kozo
Country: Japan
Publisher: Nazca Corporation SNK


Released: 22nd May, 1980
Designer: Toru Iwatani
Country: Japan
Publisher: Namco

7Street Fighter

image: Looper

Released: 30th August, 1087
Designer: Takashi Nishiyama and Hiroshi Matsumoto
Country: Japan
Publisher: Capcom


image: eBay

Released: 6th June, 1984
Designer: Alexey Pajitnov and Vladimir Pokhilko
Country: Russia
Publisher: Nintendo

9The King of Fighters

Released: 23rd July, 1998
Country: Japan
Publisher: SNK

10The Simpsons

Released: 4th March, 1991
Country: North America
Publisher: Konami

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