Cosplay: An Important Element Of Japanese Subculture


You have heard or have seen the term cosplay before, but what is it? The term cosplay was invented back in 1984 with the combination of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. So, cosplay is the performance art when an individual who is known as a cosplayer wears costumes and accessories to represent a character. Nobuyuki Takahashi was the person who coined the term cosplay, and it has become popular since then.

1What Characters Can I Do In A Cosplay?

image: Pixabay

Cosplay comes in many pictures from anime and cartoon characters to movie stars. Cosplayers wear the exact outfits and accessories like wigs and weapons to represent the character that they prefer. Cosplay is celebrated in many countries, but mainly in Japan and Asian countries.

2Cosplay Benefits

image: Pinterest

But what are the benefits of doing and celebrating such an event? It is the big opportunity for designers and people out there to express their talents and skills. Some cosplayers make their own outfits, accessories, and props which is great for them to do something they like. That also makes cosplayers develop different skills as well while enjoying the fun and imagination in the event. You might ask what kind of skills. Those skills are crafting, sewing, innovating, makeup, and many more!

Another good thing about this activity is that it is a joyful and open event that anyone can participate in. Many cosplayers find that they can release their stress and depression when they are in the event. Because they are able to make know and make more new friends while being in the crowd that accepts them for who they are. More than this, they can overcome their fear or nervousness, and become more active as well.

So to sum this up, cosplay is super awesome and fun. Now you know some important information, give it a try and let us know how you feel about it.