Natural Snake Repellents: 8 Plants To Keep Snakes Away


It is never a pleasant thing to see these legless reptiles crawling around, that is why we need to have some natural snake repellents. With those plants, you will not only be able to keep the snakes away but also decorate your house as well. From big to small, we are here to bring you 8 plants that keep the snakes of many types away. Below is the list of plants that snakes hate to be around, so take a look and see which one you want to plant.


image: Pixabay

It is not just snakes, even us humans don’t want to go anywhere near sparky things like cactus. Snakes are afraid of spikes and thorns the most, and they always keep away from areas which such plants. If you don’t like snakes around, simply plants spiky plants in your garden and yard to keep them away.

Plants like them make a great decoration by the fence around the garden where there is a chance of snakes crawling in. We have found a video where a rattlesnake stuck with a cholla that you might want to see. When things like that happen, they surely learn their lesson and will come anywhere closer to your yard or garden ever again.


Snakes don’t like the smell of kaffir-lime, and they normally stay away from the places with kaffir-lime trees. In Cambodia, people usually put leaves, fruit, and peels of kaffir-lime in various places inside and outside the house. The strong smell of kaffir-lime simply keeps the snakes as well as some insects and pests away. No matter if it is the lime or the whole tree, those reptiles are afraid of all of these snake repellents.


As mentioned many times, snakes don’t like plants with pungent odor which is why lemongrass is one of the best snake repellents. Lemongrass produces a citrus smell that deters snakes as well as mosquitos and even ticks from your garden. Any lemongrass will do but the most effective ones would be the West Indian lemongrass. The more you have it, the fewer snakes in the yard or garden you will have to worry about.


image: Pixabay

The bright and cheery flowers are a great decoration for the garden while the pungent odor scares the dangerous animals away. With such odor, these beautiful flowers can deter nematodes, insects, and especially snakes from your garden. The thing is that the smell of this type of flower affects so much to the skin and eyes of the snakes. That explains why snakes will never crawl to a place surrounded by marigolds.

5Mother-In-Law’s Tongue

Also known as Viper Bowstring Hemp, this is the type of plant that has sharp leaves along with features that snakes find frightening. Apart from the appearance, the plant also rejuvenates the oxygen at a higher-than-normal rate as well. With these plants, you won’t have to worry about snakes anymore. Plus, mother-in-law’s tongue also provides extra advantages such as purifying the air when kept indoors.

The thing is that this plant is perfect for those who are busy, those who don’t have time to take care of plants. The plant only needs water 3 times per week, and it can go without water for weeks as well. You can place it anywhere both inside and outside the house, and it lasts for years even you neglect caring for it.

6Onion & Garlic

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In case you don’t have time or space for planting plants, there is another alternative to keep snakes away. All you need to do is put sliced or minced onion or garlic in areas that snakes might crawl into. Each of the mixtures of them produces a strong smell along with sulfonic acid generated that snakes cannot stand. This homemade repellent is very effective, and you can use it anywhere in the house.

7Pink Agapanthus

image: Pixabay

In case you prefer flowers over plants, pink agapanthus makes a perfect choice to have in the garden. With the nickname of Society Garlic, it is a great option for keeping snakes away. The scent of both the flowers and the foliage simply irritates the snakes and scares them away. This beautiful flower can also repel fleas and mosquitos as well while providing many more benefits. You can use it to treat headaches and sinus infections, and it looks super great in any garden. Pink agapanthus has great tolerance to significant heat and drought, so it is an ideal plant for summer.


Belongs to indo alkaloid family that is poisonous to almost all living things, especially reptiles, this is something you need. As we all know, snakes respire through their tongue with very small pores. They find it very difficult to breathe near this kind of plant, and they usually feel suffocated around Sarpagandha. Having one of these snake repellents in the backyard or garden, and you won’t have to worry about snakes at all.