7 Types of Guys That Women Really Really Like

Types of Guys That Women Really Really Like

Have you ever wondered if you are that guy that makes women fall for and want to be with? Well, there are certain types of guys that women really really like. And love is in the air when it comes to guys with these awesome personalities and behaviors. You might think that women are so complicated and so hard to understand, but this is just a small part. If you are really that guy, making a woman happy is not a difficult task to do.


Just because she is not sick doesn’t mean you can’t take care of her. You can show someone that you care in so many different ways. Simple texts like “Don’t forget to get some snack when you go home” or “Let me know when you’re home” are super sweet. These sentences show that you really care about her well-being and health. It makes her feel like you always look out for her and worry about her even small things. You don’t have to bring a big bunch of roses every day, small things always matter.


This is so obvious that everyone has to be honest no matter if you are a guy or a lady. This golden rule is here to let you know that women always know when you lie. If you want to hang out with your friends, tell her that you want to spend a night with the guys. Don’t make up a story of how much work you have to finish or how bad you feel. Don’t ditch a woman with lies. Women can always tell from truth to lie, don’t attempt that. And telling the truth won’t hurt, so why not?


Well, there is one complicated thing about women. When she says No, that doesn’t mean it is a real no. But that doesn’t mean Yes either. A woman loves to see if her man tries hard enough to get a yes from her. That is why you need to show persistence and make her see that Yes will be the answer to your offer.


No, you can’t think positively when someone is stabbed in the throat. But you have to be optimistic when it comes to problems. Show her that you believe that every problem has its solutions. Don’t make her think that you are the type of guy who is full of negativities. From trust issues to misinterpreting her words, you know those are not healthy thoughts in a relationship.

5Sense of Humor

Oh, funny guys are the most adorable ones! Nothing is better than being around someone who brings a great laugh to the environment. Serious guys are good too, it’s just like having fun is a bit more joyful. When a woman feels like a guy is funny and easy to get along with, she tends to learn more. But there are things that guys with a sense of humor should know. You can’t make fun of everything and everyone. Make sure to avoid making fun of other people, her hair, her body, her family, and other offensive things.


Who doesn’t love people who are full of excitement and new things? However, that doesn’t mean you have to invent new things and have big fun all the time. To girls, small things really matter. So, things like unexpected texts, little souvenirs, or surprising her with things that she likes help a lot. If you are an unpredictable person when it comes to surprise, you’re the man!


“I know you can do it” or “ I believe in you” are the phrases that show that you are always there for her. You know encouragement is very powerful. No one wants to be let down because they have different passions and interests from other people. If she wants to start her own business, show her some encouragement and support. If she has a goal to run for, run with her. Don’t let her reach for her dream alone without showing interest in her life. If you love someone, achieve the goals and dreams with that person together.

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