5 Most Dangerous Crocodiles


Crocodiles are indeed dangerous to all living creatures that are in their way, but we are talking about the most dangerous crocodiles here. Crocodiles are gifted with strong and sharp jaws as well as rows of teeth that can bite the heck out of us. There are 23 living species of crocodilians on earth nowadays that are dangerous to people. There are many reasons that make a certain crocodile dangerous apart from their aggressive nature.

Normally, there are three main reasons that provoke a crocodile to strike out at a human. Reason number one, they are hungry, or number two they defend their territory, or number three they defend their young. I have a list of the 5 most aggressive and dangerous crocodiles that you should be aware of, so check it out.

1American Crocodile

Habitat: Southern Florida, Mexico, Central America, Northern South America

This species of crocodile prefers living in coastal areas, but they are also found in river systems. So you will normally find them in brackish lakes, mangrove swamps, lagoons, cays, beaches, and small islands. On average, a mature male can grow as long as 4.1 meters or even longer with a weight of up to about 400 kilograms. Albeit they are not as aggressive as some other species, American crocodiles are also dangerous to humans.

American crocodiles have powerful tails along with scary hides with rows of ossified scutes running down their backs and tails. Plus with their strong pair of jaws, these dangerous crocodiles are one predator to avoid at all costs. Usually, they hunt anything they encounter in freshwater, riparian, and coastal saltwater habitats. So humans can be on the menu as well. There have been reports of attacks on humans in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama, most of which are attacks on kids.

2Cuban Crocodile

Habitat: Cuba

Found only in Cuba, Cuban crocodiles are one of the most dangerous crocodiles that you should know. Although with modest size, you still shouldn’t underestimate what these crocodiles can do to you. Cuban crocodiles are equipped with strong legs, and they can grow as long as 3.5 meters. This crocodile species has numerous characteristics due to its brighter color as well as its longer and stronger legs. They prefer to live in freshwater environments like marshes and rivers, and they feed on anything they can find. These crocodiles are aggressive toward humans, but there is only a single known fatal case so far. But still, be aware and keep the number of fatal cases still.

3Mugger Crocodile

Habitat: Southern Iran, Pakistan, Indian Subcontinent, Sri Lanka

Also known as Marsh Crocodile, mugger crocodiles are freshwater crocodiles that inhabit lakes, rivers, marshes, and artificial ponds. This species of crocodile has a fairly large size, and their teeth are aligned perfectly with each other. Both young and adults dig burrows to retreat from extreme temperatures and other harsh climatic conditions. They have risks of dying of freezing or hyperthermia when exposed to temperatures below 5 or above 38 degrees.

These dangerous crocodiles are excellent swimmers, and their flat tails help them to propel forward in the water. They are also great travelers on land as well, and they are able to walk long distances on land to find water. Mugger crocodiles tend to feed on fish and reptiles, but larger prey such as deer and humans will also do. This crocodile species is potentially dangerous to humans, and there have been many fatal attacks. Human victims are usually dragged into the water to drown but are rarely consumed, they enjoy the taste of livestock better.

4Nile Crocodile

Habitat: Africa

This is the second largest extant reptile in the world, and one of the most dangerous crocodiles to stay away from. Nile crocodiles are the largest freshwater predators in Africa, and they are capable of living in different aquatic environments. You can find them in lakes, rivers, marshlands, saltwater, brackish lakes, and many more. The range of this species extends far through the Nile to sub-Saharan Africa. With such a wide range, the encounter with them is also very frequent.

Since Nile crocodiles are opportunistic apex predators, they are very aggressive toward their prey. They can take almost animals within their range, and us humans are among their desserts. Just like other dangerous crocodiles on the list, Nile crocodiles have extremely powerful bites due to their sharp and conical teeth. Their teeth sink into flesh and grip so tight it is almost impossible to loosen. Nile crocodiles are very aggressive toward people, and they usually take on villagers washing clothes or hanging out by the riverbank. No doubt why these man-eaters are responsible for hundreds of human deaths every year.

5Saltwater Crocodile

image: pixnio

Habitat: Southeast Asia, Sundaic Region, Northern Australia, Micronesia

Among the largest crocodiles, saltwater crocodiles are also one of the most dangerous crocodiles as well. These teethy animals are native to brackish wetlands, mangrove forests, swamps, freshwater streams, and coastal areas. They are very harmful to people who share the same environment as these saltwater monsters. Saltwater crocodiles are the largest extant riparian predators in the world, and they grow as long as 6 meters. Also known as the world’s most aggressive crocodiles, these crocodiles can cause some ugly attacks both on humans and their fellow crocs.

These crocs are not fastidious in their food choices, they simply hunt anything that they can chomp on. The bigger they grow, the larger their preys are. Their daily food menu varies from day to day depending on what they can hunt. From ground-living birds to mammals, these saltwater crocodiles eat them all. With the reputation of being the animals with the strongest bite, our body parts cannot hold their jaw power. There have been a number of attacks on humans because they usually treat us as prey. Saltwater crocodiles have a long history of attacking humans to unknowingly venture into their territory.

When it comes to the attack, we cannot miss the mass attack on Japanese retreat soldiers during Ramree Battle. Over 400 Japanese soldiers became supper in just one night because they were unluckily in the saltwater crocodile’s swamp. There have been hundreds of attacks, especially around billabongs, rivers, lakes, and beaches. The attacks and fatalities occur every year although their population keeps on going down. Nowadays, the species is considered of minimal concern for extinction due to habitat loss and hunting for skin and meat.

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