5 Sweet Compliments That You Should Often Say

Sweet Compliments

Small things can make people happy, especially when you give sweet compliments to them. Sometimes a simple compliment about something she does that you notice can easily cheer her day up. Here we have 5 super simple yet sweet compliments that you can tell your loved ones every day. Actually, these compliments work for both the girls and guys, so let’s see what they are!

1I Am Lucky To Have You

Everyone wants to hear this phrase from the person that they love the most. Saying so will let your partner know how much you appreciate having them in your life. There are many lines that you can choose from to tell your lover in order to make them happy. But telling them that you are lucky to have them never gets old. It shows your true love and affection towards the person, and that really cheers them up. Not everyone in the world can make you feel special, if that person does, appreciate him/her. And this phrase is the number one choice that expresses your appreciation.

2I Am Proud Of You

This is the perfect phrase that you can tell your lover every time they succeed in something. No matter how big or small their achievement is, this compliment shows how much you care about that person. It also shows how much you support your beloved person as well. “I am proud of you” is a short yet powerful phrase that makes a girl or a guy smile the moment they hear it.

3I Love Your…

The sweetest thing to say is telling the person your favorite part of their body, in a nice way. For example, I love your eyes so much I can look into them all day. That proves how much you know about your significant others, and express your attention to them. A compliment on a body part can make the person feel happy and confident in themselves as well. Give that a try, and you will know why this compliment is sweet to say.

4No One Can Replace You

Instead of saying “I can’t live without you”, tell your significant others that no one can replace them instead. That makes the person feel so special the fact that they are so important in part of your life. The way to tell him/her this is by looking at the person in the eyes and saying the phrase with a smile. It is the sweet and romantic thing to say when you really love someone. You know you will say this when no one can you happier than the person you are with.

5You Look Good In Anything You Wear

If you tell your lover in a nice and compliment way, they will surely feel good about it. Avoid a flatter or sarcastic tone, and tell him/her with a smile to show that you are sincere about your compliment. There are times when your lover sends you a picture of themselves in new outfits they picked out. Or there are other times when a girl asks you “Do I look fat in this outfit?” A simple answer like “To me, you look beautiful in anything” will make them doubt themselves less.

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