12 Common Food That Can Kill Your Dogs


There is some common food that can kill your dogs to know so that you can avoid feeding them. This is the list of food that is poisonous to dogs but so ordinary to us. Some food contains substances that can cause a reaction that can end your dog’s life. While some others are just not good for dogs to eat at all. You can take a look at the list below and remember not to give any of the food to your dogs.


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No, don’t ever give any alcoholic drinks to your dogs if you love them. Alcohol can cause nausea and breakdown, and can even lead to difficulties in breathing which leads to coma. Even worst, alcohol can kill your dogs if not rescued on time.


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There is a substance known as Persin in avocados that can cause diarrhea and vomiting to dogs. Persin can also kill people, but our immune system is stronger which makes us safe to eat avocados.


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People in my country always feed bones to random dogs, but it is not that good actually. Bones can stuck in the dog’s throat, and even cause injuries in their stomach. That can lead to death anytime, so you should be very careful.


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Some people said that chocolate didn’t do any harm to their dogs at all. That is because of the type of chocolate that they gave to their dogs. Generally, chocolate contains this substance known as “Theobromine” which is similar to caffeine and can poison dogs. This substance varies depending on the different types of chocolate. Dark chocolate contains this substance a lot, while white chocolate or milk chocolate has less.

The symptoms will show after 4 to 24 hours after the substance kicks in the dog’s nerve and heart system. The poison also depends on the amount of chocolate that you feed your dogs as well. If you gave so much chocolate, that might kill them.


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I don’t know who would give coffee to their dogs, but stop at once if you think about doing it. There are certain things that we can eat and drink safely while our dogs cannot. Please be aware of that.


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Can’t believe corns can cause severe damage and even death to dogs. Eating corns can affect the intestinal system of the dog which leads to constipation and vomiting. That makes the dogs tired and might die as well.

7Expired Food & Fruits

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Your pet dogs are not stray dogs that eat food from the garbage disposal. Don’t feed them with low-quality or expired food and fruits because spoiled food can poison and kill them.


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Grapes and raisins can cause severe fatality to your dog, and the effects show after 5 days after consumption. If you bring your dogs to the vet on time, then this is good news. Just make sure you won’t give any of these fruits to your dogs.

9Gums & Sweets

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Dogs are not like us, they don’t chew gum for fun and spit it out when done. Chewing gums also contain a substance called Xylitol that can damage a dog’s liver. Believe it or not, sweets can cause diabetes in your dogs. It is better to never feed such things to them.


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Dogs are not like cats, and milk is not helpful for everyone. You have to know that dogs’ interior systems cannot break down lactose in milk at all. Milk is good and everything, but don’t give it to your dogs.

11Onion & Garlic

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Both of them contains a substance that is toxic to both dogs as well as cats. You will not see the immediate symptoms, but you can tell if your pets suddenly become sick or exhausted. No matter if it is raw or cooked, onion and garlic both affect your pet dog’s life. Even food that contains onion should be kept away from the dogs.

12Raw Egg

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Giving raw eggs to your pet dogs is absolutely the wrong thing to do. That is because raw eggs contain bacteria known as Salmonella that cause food poisoning to your dogs. The enzyme in raw eggs will consume vitamins from the dog’s body which leads to the hair falling.

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