Things Without Expiration Dates You Should Throw Away


Do you know that household items expiration dates can influence their effectiveness of use? There are many home appliances that come without expiration date but that still needed to be thrown away. From kitchen ingredients to the other things in the house, we have different categories for you. You can take a look and see if your home appliances have passed the expiration date. It is better to throw them away than use a useless item when you need it. Or the items that affect your health that cause endless allergies and reactions.


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Sponge: 2 Weeks

Yes, the sponge that use to scrub your skin every day has only 2 weeks of a lifetime. Despite the fact that it associates with soap and body shampoo all the time, sponges are full of bacteria. It is absolutely necessary to replace your sponges every 2 or 3 weeks.

Exfoliate Bath Sponge: 6 Months

Just like sponges, exfoliating bath sponges are full of bacteria that can cause skin irritation or even acne. You should replace it regularly for healthy and beautiful skin without bacteria and allergies.

Toothbrush: 3 Months

You know you have to get a new toothbrush when you see the bristles of your current one start to change. That helps avoid pain while you brush your teeth because new bristles work better on your teeth. One more thing, you should also change your toothbrush after you recover from a cold or flu. That helps prevent the bacteria or viruses from the diseases to get back to you again.

Towel: 1-3 Years

No matter how much you take good care of your towel, you have to replace it eventually. The items that associate with water and humid places receive bacteria very easily. That is why you should get some more new towels every few years.


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Combs and Brushes: 1 Year

Replacing a comb or brush won’t be so difficult or bad, and you have to keep it clean as well. You should clean your comb or brushes once a week and replace them every year. It is the source of germ, even if you are the only person who uses it. Your hair and head’s health are important, you should take good care of them.

Perfume: 1-3 Years

Some perfumes don’t come with use-by dates at all, but you have to know their effect. The scent of the perfume lasts only up to 3 years if sealed, and 2 years if you use it often. If you keep them for too long without using them, the chemical balance within the perfume might change. And that will cause a chemical reaction, skin irritation, and other allergies.

Pillow: 2-3 Years

The thing is that the longer you use the pillow, the more pain you have in the neck. Using the same pillow for too long will change the quality and shape of the pillow. More than this, the pillow might contain dust that can cause allergies or reactions as well. Don’t forget to change your pillow if your current one is over 3 years.

3Children’s Toys

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Pacifier: 2-5 Weeks

This thing that your little baby suck on every day has a very short duration of an expiration date. That is because it is torn easily, and it can transmit bacteria to your child. One baby cannot suck the same baby dummy for months or years. If you know that no design or color of the pacifier that you prefer besides that one, purchase loads of them.

Baby Car Seats: 6-10 Years

The quality of baby car seats can last up to 10 years, and you might want to replace them after that. The mattress and the construction of the seat tend to lose their structure and support during those years. And it is always necessary to buy the original and high-quality baby car seats instead of the used ones.


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Bras: 1-2 Years

Women have to be aware that you cannot use the same bras for years because it might affect your breasts. You should stop wearing or throwing away the bras that started to lose their shapes and elasticity. Women wear bras to support their breasts, and the bras that are used for too long won’t be able to do that.

Trainers: 1 Year

Even your running shoes have their expiration date that you don’t know. The thing is that trainers come with quality for the comfort of your feet as you run. However, if you wear the same trainers to run from 402 up to 482 kilometers, they will lose support. That will cause pain in the feet, blisters on toes, or ankle pain.


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Grocery: 1-3 Years

Here we talk about spices, herbs, and other grocery items that add extra taste to the food. If you store them longer than this, they will lose their taste and aroma. While some other spices might cause serious illness if you store them for too long before using them.

Flour: 6-12 months

Ordinary quality flour can be stored for up to 6 months while the best quality flour can be kept for a year.

Dish Sponges: 2 Weeks

Yes, two weeks only. The thing is that all sponges don’t have a long life of use since they are like bacteria magnets. If you don’t want to replace them every 2 weeks, there is another way. You can squeeze the water after use then microwave your sponge for 30 seconds. That will help kill the bacteria and germs.


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Slippers: 6 Months

Even if your slippers hold bacteria, you can either wash them regularly or replace them for healthy feet.

Fire Extinguisher: 6 Years

This is the item that comes in handy once a while in years, but it also needs replacement. If you see rust, crack, or bump on your fire extinguisher, you should replace it.

Mosquito Repellent: 2 Years

Most mosquito repellents will simply lose their quality and effectiveness after 2 years. They will become useless afterward, so you might want to replace them.

Portable Outlet: 1-2 Years

According to my research, the size of the outlet defines its duration. If you see a tear on the wire or if the outlet does not work as effectively, you should replace it.

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