Do You Know That These Food Can Kill You?


We all love food, but the food courses that can kill you wouldn’t be a pleasant thing to hear. It is great to explore and try new dishes every now and then, everyone wants new tastes. However, there are food types that you should know in order to avoid because they can kill you anytime. Knowing about food on the list today might help increase your awareness of caution when it comes to food. Share it with your friends in case they like eating any of the food below.


It is known as the liquid that causes chaos. The plant is a mixture of woodworm that contains toxic chemical thujone, and sweet fennel. All of them are like addictive hallucinogens and psychoactive drugs. They can cause social disorders, suicide, tuberculosis, and even epilepsy.


This is the unique fruit you can only find in Jamaica, and you need to eat it right. You can eat this fruit when it is fully ripe, but avoid eating its seeds. The seeds contain toxic and poison that can cause vomit or even severe symptoms.

3Blood Clam

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China is full of awesome food, and this is one of them. The only bad thing is they love eating it half raw. And half-raw blood clams contain many viruses and bacteria that can cause hepatitis A and E, typhoid, and dysentery. There are more than 300,000 people were infected and died each year from eating raw blood clams. You know what to do, always eat well-cooked blood clams.


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In Namibia, bullfrogs are popular food that is both satisfying and risky to eat. This type of frog especially the young ones contains a variety of toxic substances that can kill you. Young bullfrogs contain a toxin that can cause kidney failure which is why you have to be careful eating them.


Cassava is safe to eat when they are boiled, fried, steamed, baked, grilled, mashed, and cooked properly. It contains a high level of linamarin that can turn into cyanide when eaten raw. Don’t eat raw food, tell your children this. There were 27 Filipino children died after eating cassava as a school snack in 2005.

6Casu Marzu

Okay, why do Italian people even eat this thing? It is known as “Rotten Cheese” because it is left uncovered in order to allow flies to lay eggs inside. That is when maggots help with cheese fermentation. You know what that means, right? The larvae can bore through the intestinal walls which causes severe illness.


I thought berries were all good, but elderberries are not. The safest way to eat elderberries is when they are fully ripe and properly cooked without leaves, twigs, and seeds. Their leaves, twigs, and seeds contain cyanide that can cause severe diarrhea and seizures.


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In Egypt, Fesikh is the popular fish for the Egyptians when they celebrate the spring festival of Shem el-Nessim. Traditionally, people there can eat it only after drying the fish in the sun and fermenting it with salt for a year. This fish is poisonous which is why there have death reports from the fish almost every year.


You can find them in Japan, but this food comes with toxic bodies and organs. The thing is that it needs a very well-trained and skilled chef to prepare and cook Fugu. They can turn Fugu into fried, boiled, or even raw dishes. There have been reports of deaths from eating Fugu for years. And that makes its price super high because the process of preparing this fish for you to eat safely is difficult. In case you find a restaurant that serves Fugu at a cheap price, the fish is either unsafe or something else.


If you go to Greenland, you will see this. Hakari is like a shark, and the tradition of cooking this thing is so unique. They cure the fish for up to six months and cut them into slices or pieces to serve with rye bread. The dangerous part is this type of shark does not have a kidney or urinary tract. That means every single toxic substance will filter into their skin, and you, my friend, will eat those. So unsafe to eat despite its taste.

11Monkey Brain

If you live up north, please don’t disgust us Asians. Mostly in China, thank god it is the only country, that eats RAW monkey brains. They can cook it, but these people just prefer it raw. They believe that monkey brains are delicious and nutritious which makes them smarter and better at sex. Turns out raw monkey brains contain Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. What a name. This disease can turn people’s brains into goo and cause death, not smartness.

12Pangium Edule

Say no to fruit that contains cyanide, but there are ways to make it safe to eat since it is yummy. It might take time, but it is worth it. You can only eat this South East Asian fruit after it is boiled with shells the soaked in water. There is another way, you can boil and bury them in banana leaves and ash for a month. Yes, a month. That is hydrogen cyanide we’re talking about here. This thing is poisonous if not carefully prepared.

13Raw Cashew

Never eat cashews raw. Period. Raw cashew nuts contain urushiol which is a chemical that is also found n poison ivy. If you consume a high level of urushiol in your body, it can be fatal and lead to death.


Here we have a very popular food in Korea, and people love eating them raw which is why it is bad. We all know the power of octopus suction cups, they still work even if the octopus is already dead. Make sure you chew, chew, chew, and chew till everything is safe to swallow. No kidding, there are around 6 people die each year as a result of choking while eating Sannakji.


Starfruits are tasty and nutritious fruits for people except for one case. If your kidneys don’t work really well, only 100ml of this fruit juice is poisonous for you. The thing is that starfruits contain “neurotoxins”, and this substance affects the brain and nerves. However, if you have healthy kidneys, your body will be able to filter out the neurotoxins and you can eat it safely.

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