Easter: The Resurrection Of Jesus


Easter is just around the corner since it falls on Sunday 17th of April this year. So what is this Christian festival? If you wonder what Easter is and why do people celebrate this event, you have come to the right place. Take a look at the short brief below and learn some useful things that you might want to know.

1What Is Easter?

Easter is the celebration that people have been doing for centuries to remind the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. After the crucifixion, Jesus rose from his tomb on the third day which is known as Easter nowadays. Celebrating this event is to remember that Jesus sacrificed himself for people’s sins.

Basically, it is originated from the word “east” which is where the sun rises from. Sunrise represents a new day which means new life and new birth. It does not fall on a fixed date each year. The celebration is based on a lunisolar calendar that follows the cycle of the sun.

2How About The Eggs?

image: Pixabay

If you wonder why do people use a lot of eggs, here is why. Back then, eggs are believed to be the symbol of life by many ancient cultures like Egyptians, Persians, Hindus, and Phoenicians. Therefore, giving eggs on this event is the celebration of new life, the life without sins. The colors of Easter eggs began centuries ago when people dyed eggs red to represent joy, and in memory of Christ’s blood.

And what about Easter Bunny or Easter Hare? There were believers who saw rabbits come out of their burrow underground which is just like Jesus coming out of the tomb. Also, hares or rabbits are the symbols for the moon while the date of this event depends on the moon. Maybe this is also the reason why rabbits play part in the celebrations.

I hope this is helpful, enjoy your holidays, and Happy Easter to everyone!

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