7 Headless Animals That Continue To Live


Nature is difficult to understand sometimes since there are animal species with weird skills and specialties. I was wondering if there are animals out there that can live without their head, and the freaks exist. So, I thought I should bring those animals up on the list today and share them with everyone here. Let’s take a look at 7 headless animals that continue to live their heads cut off here with us. This might be a good caution to keep you safe in case you meet a body-less snake or turtle somewhere.


image: BBC

At first, I was like, WHAT? But yes, this chicken lived after his head was cut off for 1 year and a half. His name was Miracle Mike. The story began when the farmer planned to cook Mike for supper. He chopped the chicken’s head off with an axe which removed the bulk of the head. Fortunately, he missed the jugular vein, leaving one ear and most of the brain stem intact. The chicken was still able to walk clumsily, and Olsen the farmer decided to keep him. He fed Mike a mixture of milk and water via an eyedropper, and small corn grains for food.

Miracle Mike was also photographed for magazines like Time and Life magazines, and Olsen earned $4,500 per month back then. Mike died in March 1947.


The thing is that cockroaches can survive without their heads for several days up to weeks. Their blood doesn’t circulate quickly even after the head is cut off. Also, cockroaches have ample time to seal off the wound which results in headless life. The only reason that they die after losing their head is starvation, pretty freaky huh? Cockroaches are among hardy animals that can survive through many conditions, being headless is just one of those special abilities.


No matter how they lose their heads, flies can still walk and fly for days and weeks. A fly’s brain is in its back which means it can continue to live. Fly absorbs oxygen through their skin, and they live for days until they starve to death.


Even if you remove their heads and skin, frogs can still move at some point. I had a mini heart attack while walking in the wet market once when a headless and skinless frog jumped onto my leg. The sudden jump was one thing, and that slimy body that touched my leg. Gross. Not a fun experience.

5Praying Mantis

Praying mantis is one of the unfortunate males that are eaten by the female during mating. The special thing about praying mantis is that they still can fertilize the female even when she is biting his head off. And this dude is still mating without his head!


Oh, yes these dangerous animals can still harm you even when their heads are cut off. There are certain snakes with certain conditions, not all snakes are like that. After decapitation, the snake’s head can still bite, inject venom, and causes injuries. The fella is biting his own body as you can see. Just stay out away from the snake’s head when you see one, just in case.

7Snapping Turtles

They are fighters. So even if their heads are the only body part they have, they still strike and defend themselves for hours. Snapping turtles have sharp beaks that can cause great injuries, and they still can attack without their bodies.

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