10 Slowest Animals In The World


Let’s talk about the slowest animals in the world today. We all know the fastest animals that have a great speed of running or flying, but how about the slow ones? There are common animals that we might be aware of their speed such as snails or tortoises, but there are more. You can take a look at the list down below and tell us if you know other animals with slow-mo skills.

1American Woodcock

image: Fyn Kynd

Here we have the only and slowest bird in the world, aka American Woodcock. Their speed is only about 222 cm per second which is absolutely slow for a bird. These birds are plump, and they have short legs along with a long straight bill. The American Woodcocks are the birds that rock back and forth as they walk, looking super cute and funny.

2Banana Slug

The name banana slug was given due to their bright yellow color which resembles a beautiful banana. They are slugs which means they don’t have shells, but still, they’re slow. Banana slugs move through muscular contraction which is why they have slow movement. Also, they spend most of the time underground laying eggs and feeding so they don’t move much. Their speed is only 0.2 miles per hour, but they can live underground for years, so not moving is not a problem.

3Garden Snail

Snails have coiled shells on their body which is why it is such a burden to move faster. A garden snail can succeed a few yards of speed in an hour, which is slow. It is hard to move around with your house on your back so.

4Gila Monster

Gila monster is a slow-moving lizard due to its minimum weight which is about 3 to 5 pounds. The weight leads to slow movement in their speed, but that does not mean they are to be messed with. Gila monsters are also venomous lizards in the United States, but they can’t harm humans. You may ask why. Because they are slow, you human!


Loris is a combination of adorable and strange due to their huge eyes and human-like hands. Their fastest speed is 55.5 centimeters per second which is not that slow, but still slow somehow. They are harmless to humans, so you can touch them if you want to.


image: rawpixel

Manatee is a better name for their common name known as Sea Cow. Their weight can reach up to 590 kg, a mammal this heavy is undoubtedly slow. They are also lazy, so floating around is one of their ways of moving in the water.


image: Josh More

Unlike the horses on the land, seahorses are among the slowest animals in the world. The dwarf seahorse swims at about 0.01 miles per hour, but they are special. They are monogamous and they mate for life which is a rare case for human beings. Another thing about seahorses is that males bear the child which makes a great husband.


Starfish are not fish, which is why they are slow in the water due to their lacking of swimming skills. Starfish can only move 0.02 miles in an hour, that is because their body structure causes such slow movement.

9Three-Toed Sloth

Sloths are the slowest animals in the world since their maximum speed is 0.003 miles per hour. That is why we mostly see sloths in the middle of the road, it takes hours for them to cross the road. Three-toed sloths don’t move further than 100 feet a day, they simply spend their time on tree branches.


Tortoises are just like garden snails, they have a burden shell on their body which makes them slow in moving. They also have a heavy body, some of the giant tortoises weigh up to 350 kg which is why they’re slow.