16 Stylish 90’s Fashion Trends That Are Still Popular Today


Fashion updates from year to year, but some of these 90’s fashion trends are still rocking in this 21st century. While some fashion trends came and went after a year or so, trends in the 90s seem to be here still. From clothes to accessories and hairstyles, these fashion trends come back with a great twist. The great thing is the trends look just as awesome as they were 20 years ago. So check them out and see how many trends from the 90s that you’re using now.


Back then, people tie bandannas on their heads, wrists, or even to their clothes as part of fashion. Today, bandanna comes in a bigger size that most people like celebrities use as scarves.


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Chokers were gone about a decade ago, and they come back in the past several years. Now, there are many more designs and colors of chokers that you can’t count.

3Colorful Hair

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Colorful hair has not just begun in the 2000s, it has been a fashion trend since the 90s. This hairstyle was popular among grunge girls, superstars, etc.

4Combat Boots

This is the type of boots that match almost any outfit, they can’t go anywhere away from fashion!

5Crop Top

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From the 90s to 2017, crop tops are still in great trend when it comes to fashion. If you want to try something different, you won’t be afraid to wear crop tops to show it off.

6Dark Lipsticks

There are many colors when it comes to lipsticks, but you know that dark lipsticks are awesome for ladies. Dark lipsticks are classic, cool, and sexy, of course, they are still here.


Denim jackets are like the perfect invention ever. No matter if you wear a dress, skirt, or jeans, you can always rock your style with denim.

8Floral Dress

Another fashion trend from grunge girls in the 90s. You can easily top the style with a jacket, a black hat, over-knee boots, and a choker. The style is just endless when it comes to a floral dress.

9Hair Buns

Hair buns from then and now are not too different. We have messy buns, space buns, and probably a few more. With hair, styles keeps on coming for you.

10High-Waisted Jeans

image: Joom

Perhaps the only difference between high-waisted jeans then and now is the ripped style. Ripped jeans are so popular since 2016, and high-waisted jeans look even greater with a few ripped parts.

11Leather Jacket

The one jacket that can rock any outfit must be the amazing leather jackets. They are classic, cool, and stylish, and they make the perfect choice for both men and women.

12Matching Set

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The outfit set of different shirts and skirts or shirts and pants yet with one fabric type is a matching set. The matching set is great for parties and many other occasions.

13Mom Jeans

image: AliExpress

A bit oversize, mom jeans are absolutely popular among female teens and adults nowadays. Just like high-waisted jeans, the new twist is the ripped cuts on the jeans. The greatest way to style mom jeans is wearing a black belt to show off your waist.


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With the right shirt and shoes as well as hairstyle, anyone can rock overalls no matter what year it is.

15Round Sunglasses

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Round sunglasses come back from the 90s with an even cooler look. The design makes the sunglasses bigger, and it has more variety of colors to choose from.

16Shirt Tied Around The Waist

This style never dies no matter what country or what year it is in. Usually, as long as the shirt has long sleeves, they make a stylish option to tie around the waist. Most shirts used are flannel shirts and girl, they rock!

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