10 Best Indian Street Food That Makes You Hungry


Indian street food is full of different spices and ingredients that bring out every single taste. If you love to try something new, the street food of India should be on your list. The street food we are about to see is the best-known food in this country. Even Indian people themselves love the food, so we should also try this incredible food as well. The variety of choices is 10 on the list today, so check them out and see which one you think you want to try. Or maybe you want to try them all!

1Cheese Kachori

Nothing is better than tasting a crispy snack while exploring the city. Cheese kachori is a crispy, flaky, and absolutely tasty snack for people of all ages. Inside, it is stuffed with paneer and Mozzarella cheese which tastes simply the best. If you are a cheese lover, this is a must-try snack for you.


Malpua is the simple scrambled eggs with a twist! The eggs are a bit oily, and on top of it is the milk-like sauce. The taste? It is sweet and oily, and it makes the perfect taste to try.

3Masala Corn

Corns might be sweet, but not masala corn in India. With the combination of butter, salt, pepper, black salt, chaat masala, red chili powder, and chopped cilantro, it tastes amazing. That makes this cup of corn sweet and spicy at the same time. Isn’t that a new thing to try? You won’t regret your choice of trying it.

4Masala Dosa

image: PixaHive

This my friend, makes the perfect breakfast to start your day. The pastry is cooked to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is made of smooth potatoes with the touch of mustard seeds, onions, grated coconuts, turmeric, and more. Even the local people line up for the food.


image: PixaHive

Here we have a popular snack in the south part of India. You eat these tiny dosa balls with coconut chutney (sauce), and you won’t forget its taste. It is sweet, and delicious, and it makes a great snack to eat while chit-chatting with friends.

6Pani Puri

You really have to try this since pani puri is one of the best street food in India. This little water bomb has the perfect size that you can finish in one bite. There are green peas like veggies and water inside. The taste? Absolutely unique.

7Pav Bhaji

This is a very easy way to enjoy food. You dip the buttery buns into the tasty tomato sauce, and that’s it. When I say buttery, the buns are totally buttery! The tomato sauce has a mixture of tomato, onions, and more veggies. One bite, and you will keep wanting more.

8Quail Eggs Skewers

This is something that I will never miss These are fresh quail eggs grilled on a special pan while attaching to a stick. When it is done, the seller will pour some special sauce on it, and you’re ready to taste it. Indian street food is full of spice, and you are going to love it for sure.

9Tandoori Chicken

With garlic, red chili paste, lemon juice, and other ingredients, the taste will be amazingly delicious. The more ingredients, the better it tastes, and that is what tandoori chicken has it for you. Even the process of cooking is unique, you will love the taste for sure.

10Vada Pav

image: Kake

They also have vegetable street food for vegetarians in India as well. Vada Pav is like an Indian burger. The bun is crispy while the fillings inside are full of vegetables and spices. It is small and tasty, and that just gives you space to explore more food.

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