10 Best Places To Go In Summer Vacation


Summer is coming soon, and do you have any plans in mind? There are many best places to go in summer, all you need to do is select one. If you are still looking for summer destinations, here are some ideas for you. From beaches to cities, the choices are all yours. Let’s say you want to make 2017’s summer the best vacation, and it might be hard to choose where to go. Therefore, I bring some amazing places to travel to in the summer so that you can have more options to choose from. Have a fun summer vacation ahead, and aloha!

1Angra dos Reis

Where: Brazil

Islands and sea are the best definitions of fun summer holidays, am I right? There are 365 islands in Angra dos Reis that you can explore during your whole vacation. Many beaches are also waiting for you as well. You can enjoy swimming or diving in the turquoise blue water in the perfect weather of summer. There are many activities that you can do there, you only have to make time for them.

2Cambodian Coasts

Where: Cambodia

Cambodia is a small country in Southeast Asia, but it owns the most beautiful beach in the world. Speaking of nature, there are many beaches and coastal that you can visit in this incredible country. Islands are also on the list, you can go to those islands by boat and spend some nights there. The experience and view will be perfectly shown. What is the best thing? Food!!! In Southeast Asia, you can get food at a very low price, what are you waiting for?


image: Hotels.com

Where: Hawaii

Never forget about Hawaii when it comes to summer because there’ll be a lot of fun in this amazing place. Hawaii has a lot of colorful and beautiful beaches as well as mountains to explore. Nothing is better than sunbathing and relaxing under the kiss of the sun on your vacation. Once you get to Hawaii, you will realize there are many things to enjoy there.

4Jackson Hole

Where: Wyoming, the United States

Or if you prefer exploring the beauty of the mountains instead, then let’s visit Jackson Hole. The place has a great valley that is full of great sights to see. There are many activities that you can do there like hiking, rafting, and many more. You really should not miss this place when it comes to hiking and sightseeing in the mountain.

5La Paz

Where: Mexico

There is another city named La Paz in Bolivia, but we’re talking about summer in Mexico here. This is an awesome place for summer since it has beaches, parks, and more resorts to visit. Apart from the beach and sea, you can also explore the museum there as well. The place is just so beautiful and great to spend your holiday in.

6Lake Lucerne

image: Jason

Where: Switzerland

Lake Lucerne is one of the largest lakes in Switzerland, and guess what, the sight is breathtaking. You can relaxingly rest on the boat as it cruises along the river to show the beauty of the mountains around. This lake is in central Switzerland which means there is a lot more to see than just mountains. At night, you can explore the city, food, and other places as well. The journey is endless there.


Where: Madagascar

If you want to go on summer vacation around November to January, don’t miss your trip to Madagascar. The weather and temperature will be absolutely perfect for summer during those months there. This large island has incredible views and places to see that you will always remember. No matter when the sun rises or sets, the beauty in Madagascar is 24/7.


Where: New Zealand

Adventure sports are the things that this place is famous for, and life is an adventure, isn’t it? You can begin by hiking in the alps, skiing, and exploring the city of the beautiful Queenstown. What you shall never forget when you visit New Zealand is bungee jumping. Being one of the adventurous sports, bungee jumping is something that you should try at least once. And you will surely love the experience.


Where: Vancouver Island

It is just a small district, but the natural beauty is enormous there. You can explore the lakes, inlets, and ancient rainforests as you go to Tofino. You can also go whale watching as well. As I said, the district might be small but the places to explore has no boundary which is perfect for summer.


image: Lucy Nieto

Where: Mexico

One of the best cities to explore must be Veracruz. This port city locates on the gulf of Mexico coast, and it is more than just a city. You can check out the ports, harbor, and even the historical museum there. When the night comes, the light from the building is so bright and beautiful. Perfect summer vacation is the definition of this wonderful city we’re looking at.

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