8 Colorful Beaches You Should See


You might have already been to many beaches already, but have you ever been to colorful beaches before? Well, but colorful beaches, I mean the beach that does not have white sand like you have seen. There are many naturally colorful beaches out there that you should see at least once during your vacation. If you want to know what colors and where those beautiful beaches are, you’re at the right place. Below is the list of 8 colorful beaches in the world that you might want to experience the view.


image: Matt McGee

There are a few black beaches in the world, here I bring you the 2 best of all. One is in the northern part of Iceland known as Vik Black Beach. Vik lies 110 miles away from the capital city Reykjavik. The black color of the sand was created by hot lava flowing into the ice-cold ocean leaving little fragments. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Another black beach is Punalu’u Beach is HAWAII!!! Just like Vik, the sand of Punalu’u beach was also caused by the flowing of lava into the ocean. But yes, they are safe to hang out around just like other beaches.


This is Rockaway Beach located a few miles from San Francisco, California. The sand color of this beach is brown which created an amazing chocolate view with perfection.


Seems like Hawaii has many beaches of different colors. This is Papakolea, and the color of the sand is olive green. The color was formed by the eruption of a volcano that burst out the Olivine crystals. The great thing is that walking on this beach is like walking on precious jewels.

There is also another olive beach in the U.S called Guam. They’re both beautiful.


image: Pinterest

If you go to Malta, don’t forget to visit the orange sand beach on the island of Gozo. Its view is absolutely spectacular due to the high iron content on the coastline.

You can also find another orange sand beach in Sardinia that locates in the northern part of Italy’s island.


On Harbor Island in the Bahamas, you will see the incredible pink sand lying along the beach. There are many shelled animals that carry bring pink or red shells which created pink sand now.

You can also find another pink sand beach on Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda as well.


Here we have Pfeiffer Beach located in California that has purple sand. I repeat, purple sand. There are special minerals that compose such color to the beach. If you want to hang out around the most purple part of the beach, go north.


image: Pinterest

Welcome to Hawaii again!!! Here they also have a red sand beach located in Maui. The red color appeared on the sand because the area is rich in iron which caused this beautiful phenomenon.

We also have another red beach in Playa Roja, Peru. The sand has rocks that contain solidified magma that create red fragments when breaking against the cliffs.


By white, I mean it is the whitest of all it presents in the Guinness Book of Records. The beach has the whitest sand is Hyams Beach in New South Wales of Australia.

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