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22 Animals That Can Camouflage Perfectly


How many animals that can camouflage do you know? In nature, there are many animals that have this kind of special gift that allows them to blend perfectly in the background. Some have colors that make them look like objects around them while others resemble the image of the objects. Camouflaging is an important skill for many animals out there. Mainly, because it is a survival skill that gets them to live another day. And, of course, to prevent predators from seeing them.

At the same time, ambush predators also use the same skill to hunt. As prey, those poor animals never what’s coming for them. I believe our list today has a lot of animals that you have never seen before. Actually, maybe because they are so good at camouflaging you rarely come across one. Let’s play a game. Here are the photos of 22 animals that camouflage, and let’s see if you can spot them under 2 seconds.

1Adelpha Serpa Celerio Caterpillar

image: Pinterest

2Baron Caterpillar


4Dead Leaf Butterfly

5Dead Leaf Mantis

image: Frupus


image: Pixabay

7Great Potoo

8Indonesian Mimic Octopus

image: Reddit


10Knobbly Crab Spider

11Leafy Sea Dragon

12Leaf Tailed Gecko

14Pygmy Seahorse

15Reef Stonefish

16Tawny Frogmouth


18Tropidoderus Childrenii

image: Pinterest

19Stone Flounder

20Uroplatus Gecko

21Underwing Moth

image: Rawpixel

22Wolf Spider

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