Unique Resemblance: 7 Flowers That Look Like Birds


Nature is full of wonderful things, and flowers that look like birds are one of them. The resemblance between the blooms and the feathered creatures is uncanny, and of course, very fascinating. You will see 7 flowers that look just like birds in the list below. Let’s see which one you think is the most interesting among the 7.

1Dove Orchid

There are many orchids out there that look like something else, and this is one of them. The dove orchids or holy ghost orchids are large, and they look exactly like doves. The stem of this orchid has between 4 and 12 flowers, usually with ivory white color and purple spots. It is found in hardwood forests of Central America and South America, and it is the national flower of Panama. Before blooming, the dove orchid looks like a praying monk. Although it usually grows in large numbers, dove orchids have become endangered and near extinct.

2Flying Duck Orchid

image: Pl@ntNet

Here we have another orchid that looks like a bird, a flying duck to be precise. This flower is small, and it is native to various areas of East and South Australia. The flying duck orchids usually bloom between September and January, and their resemblance starts to show. It is unique because its coloration is more deep red and purple along with green in some parts. Although ducks don’t actually have these colors, the appearance and shape of the flower give the idea right away.

3Green Bird Flower

In case you wonder if there are any flowers out there that look like a hummingbird, the answer is yes. The green bird flowers look exactly like hummingbirds, with both shapes and colors with amazing details. Even at a glance, you can see the flower looks like a bird’s beak attached to the stalk of the flowerhead. These beautiful flowers are native and widespread to inland parts and along the beaches of northern Australia. As one of the flowers that look like birds, this type is quite famous on the Internet as well.

4Moth Orchid

Looking like a moth ready to take flight, the nickname of this orchid is a perfect description of the whole flower. Apart from their attractive appearance, these beautiful flowers also have beautiful fragrances. Moth orchids emit this sweet scent early in the morning by sunrise, making it one popular flower to plant at home. At the same time, these orchids are actually very easy to grow since they don’t need soil at all. As epiphytic plants, they obtain nutrients and water from the air. Naturally, moth orchids attach themselves to the branches or trunks of the trees so growing ones are also very easy and simple.

5Parrot Flower

image: Amazon

Looking just like a flying parrot, this is without one of the beautiful flowers that look like birds. Its other name is parrot balsam, and this Southeast Asian flower resembles a flying cockatoo. The unique thing about these parrot flowers is that they require extremely hot and wet climates. This is why they grow beautifully in dry and humid countries in Southeast Asia and some tropical parts of America. The color of these flowers is often carmine red or light purple, and they usually grow into a bush. So the flowers are beautiful but the whole plant is not, one of the reasons it is not perfect for a garden.


image: Max Pixel

People often call them “bird of paradise plants” or “crane flowers” due to their stunning appearance. As you can see, strelitzia has the shape of a spiky-headed bird while the combination of different colors makes it more realistic. Usually, the colors are bright orange, purple, and yellow, and some species have white flowers. Another great thing about this flower is that it is a garden plant, and they do best in tropical and subtropical environments. In case you want to plant some in your garden, you should totally go for it.

7White Egret Orchid

image: TokyoViews

While most flowers resemble the shape, this one includes amazing details of the wings. Its appearance assembles an egret in full flight (a heron with a white plume) from the look to the color. This orchid flower is native to Asia, but it is also grown in the United States as well. You can find them in seepage slopes and wetland regions of China, Japan, Korea, and some parts of Russia. Also, these flowers are different from orchids they grow naturally at moderate to high elevations. Sadly, the number of white egret orchids is declining in the wild as an effect of climate change.

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