8 Things That Parents Should Never Forbid Children From Doing


Parenting is not an easy task, and there are certain things that you should know when it comes to parenthood. To raise a child wisely and rightfully, there are things that you should and should not do. Here we have 8 important things that you should never forbid your children from doing. Let us know if there are things that you think we should add to the list.

1Asking Questions

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As parents, we should be the people they can reach when they have doubts. Kids tend to ask a lot of questions, and most of the questions are rather weird sometimes. However, if parents don’t fulfill the role of being the people they can count on, kids will feel neglected. Try to answer or explore the answers with the child instead of telling them to ask somebody else. Learn together, and that also makes you become closer to each other as well.

2Derive Joy From Childhood

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Parents should allow their children to have fun, and be part of the joy with the kids themselves. Having a joyful childhood can lead to a happy life because who wants to be grumpy forever? Good parents should be able to know the balance between fun time and serious time. Don’t be serious when the kids are having fun, because the distance will be in the house if kids are afraid. Parents are people who shape their kids’ characteristics. Forbidding a child from having fun will scare them to enjoy good times, and be serious for the rest of their lives.

3Expressing Their Opinions

Parents should listen when the kids show their ideas or give reasons for something. Be reasonable, because just because parents are older doesn’t mean they are always right. Listen to them even if they are wrong, then explain and give reasons to them why. Don’t shut the kids off from talking and jump to conclusions. Allowing them to express their thoughts and discuss those together as a family will make things better. Less argument, more understanding.

4Keep Secrets

Be the people they can trust when they have something to share. If a child says “I have a secret to tell you.”, allow him/her to speak. Show the kids they can trust you and that their secrets are safe with you. Doing so makes the child more open to sharing their problems and concerns from whatever situation. That is helpful in so many ways because you will be able to know more about your children. You will learn what happens to them at school, whether are they with good or bad people, and many more things.

5Learn New Things

Exploring is fun and helpful to children’s knowledge and ways of thinking. Parents can’t just keep on handing books from the whole library for the kids to learn. Go explore the world outside the book makes kids learn better and more effectively. People should take risks sometimes so that we will be able to know more about the world. Parents also shouldn’t be negative and overreacted when it comes to adventure. Keeping the child in one place doesn’t make them safe. Teaching them about the world is the best way to show them what is safe and what is not.

6Make Mistakes

No one is perfect, and that is why parents should forgive their children when it comes to mistakes. No parents shall tell their child to never make mistakes for that will just stop them from being confident. If the kid makes mistakes, forgive them and explain to them so they can learn from their mistakes. That way, the kids will be able to learn more new things and become braver as well. Remember, people make mistakes but the best thing about mistakes is we learn from them.

7Make Their Own Decision

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Everyone has their own hopes and dreams, and good parents will follow their child’s dreams. When it comes to decisions, things involve with present and future. If the kids love to draw, don’t take their books and colors away. Because even if you replace the drawing books with doctor’s tools, those are still not what they want. Appreciate their talents and support their dreams to make the kids become more successful in their life.

8Use Their Own Things

This might be small, but it affects the behavior and mindset of the children. Fighting for toys happen is almost every kid. That is when parents should teach them how to share things with other kids from a young age. Because if not, the kid will become aggressive and somehow mean to kids around them. When they grow up, they will have a great chance to become either stingy or narrow-minded. Doesn’t mean they have to “share” every single thing with other kids. However, parents should teach them to be flexible, and fight less over toys.

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