4 Things That Some People Use As Tools To Judge Others


Everyone is unique in their own way. Each person has different ways of thinking, preferences, and concepts from the others. But does being different mean not sociable or does not fit in the society?

In many parts of the world, a number of teens or adults were bullied or obstructed because they look different. Some people’s mind is not open enough to accept things that are different from their thoughts. These are the 4 common things that some people use as tools to judge others. Let’s see if you can relate to any of them.


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I am not talking about people who dress inappropriately. By clothing, I want to focus on the color choices and way of styling. It is true that there are people who judge others because they have different tastes in clothes. Not to mention the colors. Some people even judge the colors of the clothes. For example, ‘your skin is too dark to look good in bright color clothes’. Or ‘you look so fat in this type of clothes’.

2Hair Colors & Hairstyles

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Isn’t it too much when you think someone is ugly or stupid because of their hairstyle choices? No one is perfect, and if someone is happy with their decision, let them be. There have been kids and teens who were bullied because they don’t follow the ‘trend’.

In some countries with strict cultures, people with different hair colors are known to be people who do not fit in. If someone changed their natural hair color to another color, many judgments will be placed. Mostly from elder people. The question is since when colors define people?


Just like tattoos, those who have piercings are judged to be insane people who damage their own skin. Deep down, piercings are just the preference and styles that different people prefer. Just because someone has a few piercings on parts of their bodies doesn’t mean they are bad.

Also, just because someone does not have piercings on their body doesn’t mean they are good either. You judge people based on their acts, not their looks. Because that is the only way you can tell who they truly are.


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Regardless of the sizes or images of the tattoos, many people think that those who have tattoos are the ‘outcasts’. Tattoos are the art that people choose to have permanently on their bodies. Let’s just exclude the weird or offensive tattoo choices that people have when they were drunk. Some tattoos remind them of their loved ones who had passed away. While other tattoos represent something or someone that is important to them. However, there are people out there who think that women with tattoos are bad or low-life people. Or men with tattoos are gangs or criminals.

Tattoos do not define a person’s personality, their characteristics and behaviors do. And this type of judgment needs to change.

If someone does not judge you or put any pressure on you, please don’t do that to them. We all have the freedom to follow our dreams and thoughts. This article does not mean to offend anyone or any culture at all. Besides the 4 things above, there are other things that people judge such as obesity, skin colors, and more. There has been a number of bullies and discrimination acts done to people who are different. And that shouldn’t have happened because it is absolutely okay to be different.

Hopefully, those people will open up their minds and be kind to others without judging them.

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