7 Common First Date Mistakes To Avoid

First Date Mistakes

Going out on a date with someone for the first time is both exciting and frustrating. That is why you should avoid some of the first date mistakes that cost you your second date. Some of the common first date mistakes are very simple while the others are intolerable. So if you are nervous about the upcoming first date you are having with the person you like, keep reading. I am here to bring 7 first date mistakes that you should avoid doing, and probably should never do. Let’s find out together and see if you can eschew all of them.


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You don’t need to let them know your ability of taking endless shots because that just takes first impression to a different direction. A glass of wine or beer makes a great option, you can enjoy both the drink and conversation without making a fool of yourself. You should not get drunk on the first date, it is not only just the person’s impression but also your own safety. You probably need to drive back home, and you won’t know where your date takes you when you lost yourself in drunkland. Make sure to limit your alcohol intake, and your first date will not be a disaster.

2Arriving Late

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Punctuality defines who you are, and this simple thing plays a great in part in your date’s first impression on you. Some people takes punctuality very seriously, and seeing you arriving late on a first date probably makes them lost interests in you. If you show up late on a first date, your partner will see you as a person who is not well-prepared. And that my friends, is not a good sign on a first date at all.

We all know that there are unforeseen things that will hold us up like the traffic or other unexpected things. In case you know you are going to be late, let them know and keep them updated. Don’t forget to apologize when you arrive so that they know you are responsible person who has no intention of coming late. However, you should always come earlier if not on time so that your first date will go smoothly without a rush.

3General Behavior

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Some people are so observant when it comes to behavior towards other people, even I myself. They will watch and notice if you are nice with the waiters or not, how you behave with other people around, and more. As a matter of fact, no one wants to be around the person who is unkind and rude to other people. It is a total bonus if you are a kind-hearted and nice person because your date will see more good things in you. Yelling at other people or complaining too much is a no no especially on a first date, so don’t forget that.

4Table Manners

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This one of the most important aspects that define a person’s characteristics, and one of the first date mistakes. It is true that you should be yourself around your date, but it shouldn’t be to the point you lose your table manners. That includes eating or drinking loudly, leaving mess all over the place, licking your fingers (creepily), and other inappropriate eating behavior. Bad table manners leave a very lasting impression, it is not easy to forget dating a person who licked their plates, you know.

5The Conversation

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Have you ever been on a date with someone who keeps on talking about themselves all the time? If yes, then you know that the conversation definitely goes south. If no, lucky you. First dates and regular dates are the opportunity for both partners to learn and discover new things about each other. Keep talking about yourself does not make your partner feel any good no matter how successful you are. Try to maintain and balance the information between both of you, ask them questions, tell them about you. Speaking of questions, avoid the yes / no questions because the conversations will end quickly with those questions. Ask them open questions so that you will be able to learn about them while maintaining the flow of the conversation.

6The Ex

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Now this is a very common first date mistake that many people have made, and please don’t be one of them. Bear in mind that there is nothing important for you to discuss your previous relationships with your date at all. The aim of a first date is to get to know from each other’s interests, personalities, career, and life. Your battles with your exes, how they drove you mad, or your bad experience with them shouldn’t be part of the conversation. By mentioning your past, it gives your date many different impressions on you. That includes either you are not over your ex yet or you are person who talks behind other people’s back. Want to have a nice first date? Let the exes go.

7The Phone

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Phones have been one of the main reasons that separate people from each other. When you go on a date, try not to use your phone as much as possible. Show your date some respect, pay attention to the conversation, and let them know that this first date matters. Texting, using Facebook, or even checking your emails on a date is not nide, and it is also a distraction as well. Imagine you are in a conversation when suddenly your date’s phone keep on beeping with messages and they keep on replying them. Yeah, that’s bad. In case you are expecting an important phone call, let them know so that they would understand your situation.


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