My Trip In Tokyo: Places To Visit & Stay And What To Eat In Tokyo

Trip In Tokyo

Tokyo is an incredible city with the combination of awesomeness as well as diversity of life all in one. My trip in Tokyo was totally awesome, and the description of the this mesmerizing city will be all here. So I stayed in Tokyo for 6 days, and I have been to almost all places I planned in my list. We will talk about the food, places to stay, and of course places to visit in Tokyo base on my experience.



As I have mentioned in the previous article, I went there in the beginning of winter which means it was super cold. The best food to eat in such weather in Japan is nothing other than the different types of ramen noodles. You can find them in small restaurants along the street or in restaurants in the train stations or bus stations. Besides ramen, I also had Udon and Soba which are super tasty as well. All of them are served in form of soup along with meat and eggs. And guess what, they are just perfect for cold weather of December and January.


Apart from that, there are also other food courses as well if you prefer rice and meat. My most favorite food in Tokyo is Tonkatsu. The food includes a bowl of rice, a few meat loafs served with fresh vegetable, and a bowl of miso soup. The whole thing got me full for half day, and guess what, it cost only 1248 yen which is about 12 bucks.

Matcha Pastries

There are also snacks and pastries that you can easily find literally almost everywhere as well. The ones I have tried are Taiyaki, waffles, skewed chicken and pork, and a lot of ice cream. Each of them cost less than $5, and the taste is absolutely amazing.

Places To Visit

somewhere in Tokyo

Tokyo is an amazing city not just because of its skyscrapers and modern transportation. The combination of other great places make this city unique and worth visiting. I have been to 6 fantastic places in Tokyo including Harajuku, Asakusa, Sumida, Shibuya, Narita-San, and Ginza.



Harajuku is a very crowded place that sells hard core, gothic, and punk stuffs as well as other accessories. There, you will find people with a lot of piercings wearing punk clothes selling and walking in each shop. Harajuku is like another world because it is not full of pinky and cute anime stuffs like most places at all. However, there are also shops that sell ordinary stuffs as well.

Owl Café, Harajuku

There was even an owl café there which I went to and met owls in real life. The ticket to the place was about $12, and you got to pet the owls on the back of their heads as well as their beaks. To cut things short, Harajuku is a mixture of hard core and soft core with style. It is the place that travelers should not missed when it comes to new experience and exploring.



I began the next morning going to the zoo so that I could see the Pandas for the very first time. Unfortunately, the zoo was closed that day. So we walked to the park to take photos and walk instead. When we left the park, we took the train to Sensoji Temple. After some minutes, we have arrived the temple. That was an extraordinary temple compare to temples that I have seen because there were a lot of things sold along the way. There were also a lot of people there as well which makes the place even more exciting to explore.

Sensoji Temple, Asakusa

It takes a couple more of minutes to walk and check out the souvenirs along the side of the path. Then, you will see a huge red lantern at the door to the temple. Up there, you will find people waiting in line to pray inside as well as by the well outside. It is believed that if you pray and throw the coin into the well and ring the bell, your wish will come true. You need a 5 Yen coin to do so. It is fun and exciting, so you really should give a try when you get there.


Aquarium Under Tokyo Sky Tree

Then, we took another train to Tokyo Sky Tree. That is a very tall building located near the train station with 10 to 15 minutes walk. Before we went up to the tower, we went to the aquarium that is right below the tower itself. The ticket was about $20. There were fish, corals, penguins, seals, and other marine species which was somehow interesting to watch. Or maybe because it was my first time in the aquarium.

Tokyo Sky Tree

We spent about an hour or two there before we went up to tower. Another unfortunate part of the way was that there was a long line to go to tower, so we missed it too. At least I managed to take the photo of Tokyo Sky Tree as I walked there. The tower is amazing right from every angle, even from the distance.


busy street of Shibuya

It is the busiest place and street in all of Japan, and it was so crowded at night. People always say that Shibuya is the place that shopaholics love to go. There are a lot of big malls that you can buy clothes and other stuffs for both male and female. Not to mention the best sushi shop that has a long line of people waiting to get in. That very sushi shop in Shibuya has the reputation of serving the best sushi in town. There was the same long line when I got there which was why I ended up having my dinner at Taco Bell instead. Overall, Shibuya was a great place to visit especially at night.


The place is likely to be closer to Chiba prefecture. You might want to visit there if you have a flight to catch or if you stay somewhere near Narita airport. For walking enthusiasts, Narita-san is the perfect place for you to explore. The thing is that there were a lot of mini shops that sell different things along the ways for maybe a mile. Or longer than a mile if I’m not wrong. There, you can buy souvenirs as well as snacks as you walk and take a look at the shops.

Speaking of snacks, you will find bananas that are dipped into different sauces and flavor in several mini stores. There is also more things to eat like ice-cream, takoyaki, yakisoba (fried noodles), and many more. You might spend two hours or more to explore the whole place, and it is definitely worth it. Can be crowded sometimes, but it makes the place even more interesting to go.


water reservoir in Ginza

Ginza is a place where the Palace is located, and you can take loads of photos there. There is a huge park full of unique-looking trees as you walk to the palace. It might be a 20 minutes walk, and the palace area is massive. The Palace is surround by a large reservoir that makes the place even more beautiful. You can get into the palace for a little sightseeing for free of charge, and it takes you maybe about an hour only.

Palace is not only the main attraction of Ginza, this place is also one of the biggest shopping centers in Tokyo as well. Brand shopping to be exact. There are huge buildings full of shops that sell clothes and other fashionable items that you can endlessly buy. Ginza is interesting in daytime, and it is even more fascinating when the sun goes down. Everywhere is filled with beautiful lights and people, and shopping is even more fun for shopping lovers out there.

Places To Stay

There are a lot of choices to stay in Japan, but the most comfortable and economical one is in apartments booking via Airbnb. All you need to do is get the Airbnb app, search for the location that you want to stay, and book. You can easily book the apartment based on the number of people in the trip, and the price is super inexpensive.

I spent about 30-40$ a night with 4 people in the apartment. Our host decorated the room with PS3 and PS4; yup 2 TVs, and the whole stay was super comfortable. There is a variety of apartment choices that you can choose from. The only advice is to book them in advance; otherwise, the price might increase or you might find it hard to get the good place. Good place refers to the one that is near which you don’t have to spend too much time to walk with your heavy and massive luggage.

Japan is a very safe city, and there is nothing you have to worry about at all when it comes to crime or theft. People are so nice and kind, and everything is just incredible there. That is why Japan is one of the countries that travelers really should visit at least once.

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