Travel Tips: What Not To Wear On A Plane


Clothing choices are very important no matter where you go which is why you also should know about what not to wear on a plane as well. Have you ever wondered what can be comfortable or safe to wear during a flight? When on a plane, you will be neighbored with people you don’t know. That is when choosing the right clothes to wear is what you might want to consider. That includes clothes that are appropriate, non-offensive, and of course comfortable for yourself. Spending some hours in the sky should be cozy and relaxing, check out some travel tips below and get ready for your flight!

1Clothes That Are Too Thick or Too Thin

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We mention this all the time, the temperature above the ground keeps on changing. Wearing clothes that are too thick might make you feel uncomfortable when the temperature increases. While thin clothes will make you feel cold or shiver when the temperature drops. The better solution to this is layering. You can wear a t-shirt or dress for the first layer which you can add a jacket or a sweater on top when it gets cold. Well, layering also helps you decrease the amount of clothes and weight from your luggage as well. That is just great!

2Contact Lenses

Glasses are highly recommended during flight because the humidity in the air will get low which makes your lenses dry out. That will cause irritation and other unseen difficulties while you’re on the plane. No matter if it is a long or short flight, eye glasses are always the better choice.

3Expensive Jewelries

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You can let the expensive accessories go when you travel unless you attend the important occasions. If not, just leave them at home because it is rather keep them safe than losing them. You never know what type of people that walk in the airport, on board, and in another airport are. If not necessary, let’s leave the diamond rings at home just wear the regular accessories to maintain those precious and pricy things.

4Metal Accessories & Clothes

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Dressing less complicated helps you to go through the security check quicker which is more time saving. That is why you wouldn’t want to wear any types of clothing that includes heavy metal that sets the alarm off. Metal jewelries are also in the list as well, and even the bobby pins. Being searched through at the airport is not a pleasant thing since it might cause delay. You can take off those jewelries before screening to avoid a pat down, and let’s just keep the metal clothing for later.

5Offensive Clothing

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From sexy and inappropriate clothes to clothes with offensive texts, you have to make sure this won’t happen. There are airports that ban people from boarding a plane because of the way they dressed. Well, you know the too much cleavage or too short dress as well as other see-through clothes and more. Style and fashion is important, but still you have to stay reasonable with your outfit choice.

6Strong Perfume

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Like the previous mention, you are surrounded by strangers when you are on flight. You wouldn’t know if they are allergic or irritated from strong scent of perfume. In case you don’t feel right without perfume, the suggestion is you wear freshly washed clothes instead. Or keep the amount of perfume at the less level that you usually wear. Doing so just to make sure that you wouldn’t do anything that might cause discomfort to the fellow passengers around.

7Tight Clothes

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If you are used to wearing tight clothes and don’t mind some discomfort during flight, then that is okay. However, people are having chances at a risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) on flights that are longer than 4 hours. This my friend, will provoke nausea and other uneasy feeling while you are up above there. The better solution is avoid wearing tight leggings, skirt, shirt, shoes, and socks for the sake of your comfort. Put on the clothes that you can walk around and stay in for hours with comfort. Even the flight is only a couple of hours, but you should also consider the extra check-in and check-out hours as well. At the end of the day, comfort is all you look for so go for it.


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