10 Terrifying Sleepwalking Tales That People Have Experienced

Sleepwalking Tales

Sleepwalking is one common thing that many people experience at some stages in their lives as they grow up. However, some sleepwalking tales are not fairly common and usual to take at all. Today, we will look into some terrifying sleepwalking tales that some people experienced. Some have trouble with it every night to the point that they are afraid of sleeping. Looks like Freddie Krueger really lives inside some people after all, so let’s read the scary sleepwalking tales with us below.

1James Currens

James has been a sleepwalker for quite some time already, but his most terrifying sleepwalking adventure was when he was 77. In 1998, he got up and sleepwalked out of his house with a crane in his hand. He sleepwalked to the nearby pond, he then woke up as he was deep in the water by his chest. The thing was that he was unable to get out because he had become stuck in the mud.

That was not all, the most terrifying part was that he found himself surrounded by alligators. He used his crane to keep them at bay, and began to shout for help. One of his neighbors heard his yelling, and called the police. The police managed to free the 77-year-old man by using lights to scare off the alligators. The man escaped with just small cuts from falling when entering the pond, he lived to tell his terrifying sleepwalking tales.

2Jan Luedecke

Jan Luedecke was at a party in 2005, and he fell asleep on the sofa after a heavy night of drinking. A few hours later, he was woken up by another partygoer whom he did not know. The woman was shouting and pushing him, and he said he only woke up when he was pushed on the floor. This 33 year-old man was accused of raping the woman, but he said that he was asleep. He did not even realized that he had sex until he went to the bathroom and found that he was wearing a condom.

The courts were skeptical about his defense, even after hearing a testimony from Dr. Colin Sharipo who said that this is a legitimate disorder. Perhaps, the deciding factor in this case was that not one but four of his ex-girlfriends also confirmed so. Each of them had all experienced his sexsomnia first hand while they were dating which was somehow strange.

3Jules Lowe

In 2003, an 83-year-old man whose named was Edward Lowe was found dead in his garden with severely bite marks. A neighbor spotted Edward’s body in the driveway and contacted the police, then the police arrested his son, Jules. Jules and Edward had been out on a heavy night of drinking when the incident occurred. Jules said that his family has a long history of sleepwalking, and the death of his father was by drinking. His defense was that he did kill his father, but he did so in his sleep. Edward was violent when drunk, so it was possible that Jules was acting in self-defense. Jules was found not guilty of murder.

There was another similar case of a man named Stephen Reitz who killed his girlfriend of 10 months. The girlfriend, Eva, had a fractured skull, broken elbow, wrist, and shoulder, and her jaw was also broken in 3 places. There was also a stab wound in the neck as well. Stephen told the police that he dreamed that he was fighting off intruders when he killed his girlfriend. He also admitted that he had been drinking and using cocaine on that night. In that case, the man was found guilty and given 25 years of imprisonment.

4Kenneth Parks

This is one of the most famous cases of sleepwalking crimes, yes sleepwalking crimes. Kenneth Parks is a Canadian man who began suffering insomnia in his 20s, and it brought him bad moments of life. He lost his job, and he put himself in a lot of debts as a result of his gambling addiction. On 23rd May in 1987, Kenneth got out of his bed and drove 14 miles to his in-law’s house. He killed his mother-in-law and injured his father-in-law with a tire iron and a knife. After the incident, he drove himself to a police station and turned himself in.

Up until this point, he had a good relationship with his in-laws because he was actually a very good man. His wife vouched for his lack of motive in the crime, and he was found not guilty the following year. If we look deeply, he did not kill his mother-in-law while sleepwalking. The insomnia probably made him feel confused between the awake and sleeping stage because he suffered for too long. Still, this is one experience that teaches everyone to consult with the experts when they suffer from insomnia.

5Lesley Cusack

Lesley is a 55-year-old woman from Chesire, England, and she engages in a condition called ‘sleep-eating’. While this sound harmless though, it can be extremely dangerous for many reasons. Lesley has had to change her daytime diet and join a fitness club because she can eat up to 2,500 calories. That was when she was asleep, but the amount she eats was not the only danger.

She also cooks while she sleeps by using gas oven. This obviously poses a huge risk to everyone in the house if she leaves the gas running unlit. Another thing is there is a risk to her health posed not by how much she eats or how she cooks. But by what she eats. That is because she sometimes eat inedible items such as vaseline, paint, and washing powder. So she put alarms on her doors in the hopes that those alarm will wake her up, but to no avail. She is now going to see a specialist with a hope of curing her condition.


Let’s call her Mandy for her name has not been revealed for confidentiality reasons. She is a middle-aged woman in Australia who had serious issues with sleepwalking, and did not know why. However, her case was more different than any other people with sleepwalking issues. She would get up, sleepwalk out of her house, and engage in sex with total strangers. Such thing took place for several months, and she and her partner had no idea that that happened.

They would find condoms around their house in the morning, until one day the truth was found. One night, her partner woke up and realized she wasn’t in their bed. Then he went to search for her in the house, and finally found her having sex with a stranger. She was completely asleep, and she had no idea what she was doing. Such act did not only pose a huge threat on the woman but also her partner. However, the reports say that she has been successfully treated for the condition.

7Robert Ledru

Here we have one of the finest detectives of France back in the 19th century. Although living in Paris, Robert was working on a case in Le Havre when a Parisian contacted him. The person asked him to take over a murder investigation there because the police were having difficulty with. Andre Monet, who was also from Paris had been shot and killed on a local beach. The only clues were the bullet which was far too common to be of any use, and the killer’s footprints.

Robert examined the footprints and came to a horrible realization because the killer was missing one toe on his right foot. Robert himself was also missing this toe, and he had awoken that day to find his socks were wet. Also, the bullets was the same type he used. Then he discovered that the had murdered Monet while sleepwalking due to his syphilis. The French police were reluctant to accept the theory when Robert turned himself in.

Then they decided to conduct an experiment on Robert. They placed him in a cell for overnight observation, and he did sleepwalk in the first night. The next night, the police decided to place a gun in the cell with him. Robert shot at the guards that night in his sleep. Policed decided that he could not be held responsible for his actions, but they exiled him to farm. He lived in the countryside for the last 50 years of his life with guards and nurses till he passed away.

8Stuart Miller

Sleepwalking is more common in children than adults, and some terrifying sleepwalking tales are from young kinds. An example was Stuart Miller who was 8 years old when he had an accident while sleepwalking. One night in September, 1993, Stuart began sleepwalking and fell from his bedroom window. He lived in a flat on the fourth floor of council housing, and the court decided it was the owner’s responsibility. That was because the owner failed to install windows that were childproof when there are children living there. The fall severely damaged the child’s spine, and has left him in a wheelchair for life. After 7 years in the courts, the kid received $2m in damages.

9Timothy Brueggeman

He is a man from Northern Wisconsin, and he is the only person in the list who has no history of sleepwalking. However, he had suffered from terrible insomnia for years which was somehow bad as well. One summer, he drove his pickup truck into a tree after falling asleep at the wheel. When this incident occurred, he was prescribed the number one sleep aid in the US known as Ambien.

Although the drug has been linked to hundreds of cases of sleepwalking, its manufacturers claimed that it is perfectly safe. However, on January of 2009, Timothy had a sleepwalking episode where he left his house just in his underwear. The next day he was found dead because he was froze to death while he was sleepwalking outside the house.

10Unnamed 15-Year Old

A man was walking home at 2AM in Dulwich, England when he somehow noticed something terrifying. He saw a girl curled up on top of an inactive crane, so he called the emergency services. Then a fireman had climbed up and realized that she was asleep. Now, the situation was even more tense because the fireman was afraid to wake her in case she became startled and fell.

Then he searched her and found the girls’ mobile phone, so he called her parents immediately. The parents explained that the girl, who was 15, often sleepwalked. So the parents called her phone to wake her, then she woke up and was taken down safely. Guess what, she climbed a 39.6 and 12 across the crane to sleep there with her eyes closed.


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